The old saying is true, good things come to those who wait.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, HBO has changed the release of The Sopranos: Season Six - Part 1 from November 7 to December 19.

This "four-disc collection will be offered in both HD DVD and Blu-ray formats at $129.95." It was pushed back due to delays in production. This gap in time will allow Smallville: The Complete Fifth Season to become the first show released on HD-DVD on November 28.

Should things proceed apace, The Sopranos: Season Six - Part 1 will still be the first TV show to debut in Blu-ray.

"The HD versions of The Sopranos will include all the bonus materials from the standard-DVD version, including four commentaries. The standard-DVD set also was four discs. Season 6, Part 1 includes the 12 aired episodes from the 2006 season."

HBO is expected to release more next generation versions of both The Sopranos and other shows in 2007.