The Lion King: According to USA Today, the special edition, 2 disc Lion King DVD comes packed with some super special features, including a new song never run with the film:

"It's the most anticipated Disney movie on DVD, and the exciting news is that it's not just the movie that they all loved," says Gordon Ho, senior vice president of marketing for Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

Inserting a song written by Elton John and Tim Rice for the Broadway version, Disney animators have crafted an entirely new, brief animated scene for the film, the biggest animated hit of all time until Nemo swam along.

While the studio did this once before for the DVD of Beauty and the Beast, that scene had already appeared in an IMAX big screen re-release. This is the first time Disney has added a newly animated scene specifically for a DVD.

"It's impossible to capture lightning in a bottle twice, but I don't think we need to," says Don Hahn, producer of the original film and the new sequence. "This song was an easy one to fit in, and we're lucky that we still have a lot of the same people working in our studios."

The new "rebuilt" version is also in wide screen, includes extra details in the animation originally created for IMAX and also has a newly remixed musical score and three-dimensional sound effects intended for home theater systems, so the jungle appears to surround you in your living room.

It all sounds like an adventure