The Spirit: One of comicdom’s seminal heroes is finally getting his shot at the Hollywood big time. The film rights to Will Eisner's masked detective, Denny Colt better known as The Spirit, have been optioned by Odd Lot Entertainment (Gigi Pritzker and Deborah Del Prete's company) in partnership with Batfilm Productions (Batman producer Michael Uslan’s company.) The trio will develop and produce a "Spirit" film along with Benjamin Melniker and Steve Maier who’ll serve as its executive producers.

Eisner’s two-fisted, blue fedora wearing, hero dates back to 1940, the golden age of the superheroes. The Spirit began life as a backup story in the pages of a comic strip publication but his popularity soon became evident to the point that the previous book was re-titled to give it the character’s name. Throughout the '40s and the '50s The Spirit battled crime in Capital City using just his fists and his brains, keeping his adventures grounded in crime fiction and pulp adventure. In the '70s and '80s the old Spirit stories were reprinted, bringing Eisner a new measure of fame even while he was busy coming up with the idea for what were to be eventually known as graphic novels. Back in 1987, there was even an unsuccesful TV pilot produced featuring the character – starring Flash Gordon's Sam Jones and a pre "Star Trek: Deep Space 9," Nana Visitor. Today the legendary artist's name is celebrated every year at the world's biggest comic book celebration, Comic-Con International at San Diego, where the Eisner Awards are handed out to the top comic book creators.

Commenting from his home in FL, Eisner had this to say: "I'm pleased to see that a film adaptation of The Spirit will be produced by so experienced a creative team as Michael, Deborah and Gigi. This is an important event in the history of the comic book character, with which I have been closely identified."