'Win or lose...You're dead!' That's the ominous threat facing a young golf wiz played by Jeremy Sumpter on our exclusive poster for the upcoming thriller The Squeeze. Former actor Terry Jastrow makes his directorial debut with this intense drama, which arrives from producer Anne Archer this spring. Starring alongside Jeremy is a stellar cast that includes Jason Dohring, Katherine LaNasa, Christopher McDonald, Mekia Cox and Jillian Murray.

The Squeeze is a caper about a notorious gambler who discovers a modest young man in a small rural town with uncommon golf skills. Seeing his potential, the gambler convinces him to abandon his dreams of winning the US Open and start playing in high-stakes matches. They don't lose. The stakes grow higher and higher until the game becomes "life or death."

Along with our exclusive poster we have 13 exclusive photographs. Check out Jeremy Sumpter, Christopher McDonald and Jillian Murray in action as the con goes down. We also have a look at Terry Jastrow and Anne Archer. Arriving April 17, this is on golf thriller you don't want to miss!

<strong><em>The Squeeze</em></strong> Poster
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