Author Stephen King's classic 1978 novel The Stand will be turned into a new movie through a joint venture with Warner Bros. and CBS Films. Roy Lee will produce the project.

CBS has held onto the rights to The Stand for several years, and recently set out to co-produce the new adaptation with another studio. Warner Bros. beat out Fox and Sony in a hotly-contested bidding war. Warner Bros. will handle worldwide distribution and marketing while CBS Films has the option to co-finance the project. Both studios will co-develop and co-produce The Stand, while Stephen King will be involved in the production in an unknown capacity.

Warner Bros. and CBS Films will be taking the project out to writers and directors in the coming weeks. It still hasn't been determined if the adaptation will be handled in one or multiple movies.

The Stand was first published in 1978 and tells the post-apocalyptic tale of an America which is ravaged by a deadly virus. The story spans several years and features numerous characters and story lines, with the main thrust of the story dealing with a group of survivors fighting off the Antichrist. Stephen King released another version of the book in 1990 with additional parts added into the story.

ABC released the six-part mini-series The Stand in 1994.