Halloween 9:Creature Corner has gotten a hold of what apears to be the latest draft of the proposed contiuation of the next Halloween film...

Halloween 9 will go the same way as Halloween 4 as in it doesn't negate anything in the previous movies, but It's still a completely seperate entry. No Thorn, No Laurie (although she does partly drive the story) No Busta Rhymes. The story is about Judith Myers and a secret about her. The Main Character(s) are a 16 year Old Kid called Nathan, His Mom Kathyrn, His Best Friend Ashley and The Town Sheriff. RELATED: Halloween Kills Final Trailer Reveals New Look at Returning Survivors

Basically a Movie is being shot in Haddonfield (there's always a movie nowdays in Horror Movies) about the Myers killings. The Director wants to shoot scenes and pick up shots in the Actual Haddonfield, and The Town, who don't exactly rake in much tourist dough, are convinced to allow them to shoot, for a price.

The Myers House is back, or rather, a setof The Myers house which they have built righton Top of the ruines of The Original House.

Expect a slightly New Look for Michael as the Mask has been redesigned for the movie with it now being white, with red streaks of Blood splatter across it. Naturally, Michael steals the New protomask and uses it in his New killing spree, but Michael now walks around the town un-noticed as everyone assumes it's just a guy from the Movie. There's also a scene where Michael comes face to face.....with Michael Myers. Poor stunt Guy!

Turns out there's A detective in Town(basically the Loomis role) who is currently investigating the Death of one, Laurie Strode, and his search has Led him to Haddonfield and Michael Myers (due to the webcam broadcast). He butts heads with The Local Sheriff, who is currently dating Nathan's Mom (which pisses Nathan off). This is where Judith comes in as The Detective say's that he can't find anything about Judith's Mysterious trip when she was 14.

SPOILER Basically, turns out Myers has got a New set of Relatives. Yep. Nathan is Myers Great Nephew as Judith became pregnant with His Mother, Kathyrn, but was sent out of the country so not to shame the Family with a 14 year old pregnant daughter.END SPOILER

This is revealed when Nathan and Ashley uncover a secret wing to The Haddonfield Police station which even the Police department didn't know about. Secret Files reveal that Kathyrn (who is killed mid-way through the movie) was Myer's Niece.

Best Thing about the screenplay is The Atmosphere of the Movie. There are a few 'Scream-esque' bits that aren't to my liking, but what sets the Movie apart (and makes it out to be like part 4,my favourite entry) Is the atmosphere of The Town when they find out Myers is actually back.

Michael slaughters most of the Film crew (they damn well better do these fucking scenes justice because they rock), Add to the fact that Nathan is running around the Town aimless SPOILER* He finds his Mother gutted in His house and runs*END*, It's raining down a flood, they're a vigalanteegroups Hunting Myers (As well as every cop in Haddonfield)and all of The Movie sets, Props, etc are still around the Town making everyone question what is real and what is not.

A Final confrontation happens at 'Smith Grove'and there is even a cute (but small) injoke to The Thorn Plot (Nathan has the symbol on his wrist, but everyone thinks it's a Tattoo) but it's a throw away reference and Nathan's response to wether he wants to be taken to Haddonfield Memorial after his confrontation with Myers is priceless.

Movie Ends *SPOILER* as Nathan walks up to his bedroom, looks out the window and surveys the Dozens of Police cars and Reporters on the street, He goes to lie in his bed, turns off the light and reflected in The long Mirror beside his bed Is Myers.*END SPOILER*

The Most amazing thing about the Halloween movie is.......it comes across as a Halloween Movie. It has a small Scream Vibe such a few in-jokes such as the Merchandising of Myers (ala The Michael Myers Home Security package), but never too much to make it Scream 4. This is going to be THE BEST sequel since Part 4."

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