The Suicide Squad cast are celebrating director James Gunn's 54th birthday in a new video posted online, and the touching tribute has left the filmmaker feeling misty-eyed. Scheduled to be released in theaters next year, the upcoming superhero movie will feature an ensemble cast filled with some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Posted directly to the official Twitter account for The Suicide Squad, a bulk of the movie's cast are shown wishing a happy birthday to Gunn to help get the party started for his special day.

"Happy birthday!" Margot Robbie says in her Harley Quinn accent at the start of the video, adding, "from me as well" in her regular voice. John Cena, who plays an undisclosed role in the movie, says while playing a shooter arcade game, "In honor of your natal day, I'm going through magazines double-fisted on Operation Thunderbolt!" Some of the other stars featured in the video include Alice Braga, Idris Elba, Sean Gunn, Juan Diego Botto, Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman, Nathan Fillion, Storm Reid, David Dastmalchian, Pete Davidson, Michael Rooker, and more.

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Gunn came to know The Suicide Squad cast after boarding the project in 2018. The filmmaker has since revealed that Warner Bros. did not interfere with his creative vision for the movie, essentially letting him have his choice of DC supervillains to include in this new version of the titular team. Gunn has not revealed many details about the plot, but what is known is that the movie will reimagine the 2016 version instead of serving as a sequel. This allows for many returning cast members reprising their roles, such as Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Meanwhile, Gunn is staying tight-lipped about who the rest of the new cast members will be playing in the movie.

Just recently, Gunn also celebrated the six-year anniversary of the release of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie over at Marvel. Based on the success of that release, Gunn would also develop Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with even greater results. He was all set to move forward with the planned third installment of the franchise before he was infamously fired by Disney based on online controversy surrounding offensive jokes posted to Twitter many years prior. This firing would also allow for Warner Bros. to capitalize on the situation by bringing in Gunn to develop The Suicide Squad, no doubt hoping to see the movie reach the same levels of success Gunn had achieved at Marvel.

"Awww. This room suddenly got dusty," Gunn noted on Twitter in response to the birthday video, Following the lead of The Suicide Squad cast, many of Gunn's fans have also been sending their own birthday wishes to the filmmaker on Twitter as well. Fans can expect to see The Suicide Squad when the movie premieres in theaters on Aug. 6, 2021. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is also in the works for Marvel. The birthday video posted for Gunn comes to us from The Suicide Squad on Twitter. Happy birthday, James!

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
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