James Gunn may have just given DC fans a big clue about The Suicide Squad. Fans have been wondering if Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn will show up in the movie for months now, but nothing has ever been confirmed by Robbie or Gunn. The possible reveal comes to us via Gunn's social media account as he posted pictures of the cast and crew game room, which was put together by Microsoft. The arcade has been dubbed the "King Sharkade," which is an obvious nod to King Shark.

The Suicide Squad arcade room includes a Halo game, the classic Defender, a Guardians of the Galaxy pinball machine and other fun games to take a break while shooting the massive movie. James Gunn posted multiple pictures of the room, detailing the different games and showing a giant version of Scrabble, which is played on the wall. In the third picture in the series, the director can be seen spelling the word King Shark and trying to connect it to the word Harley. Does this mean that Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is going to be in the movie?

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For now, this is our best clue yet involving Margot Robbie's possible involvement in The Suicide Squad. James Gunn has not officially confirmed the news, but he also knows what he's doing on social media and this was more than likely done on purpose. Production on the highly anticipated movie is about to start and DC fans are wondering what to expect with James Gunn behind the camera instead of David Ayer.

Sean Gunn has read his brother's script for The Suicide Squad and says that it's "really good." He says fans can expect to find some of James Gunn's trademarks with a whole new set of characters. As for whether or not Sean Gunn has a part in the movie, he isn't saying, but one would assume he'll have a cameo at the very least. Gunn had this to say about the script.

"I know that he's (James) very excited about shooting and now that I have read the script for it and I will say nothing other than that it's really good. And I know that he's pretty jazzed about it, so I'm definitely excited to hear what happens next. But they start shooting soon."

Details about The Suicide Squad are being kept under wraps, but some details will more than likely be released when production begins in a few weeks. Shooting reportedly starts in September in Atlanta, which is where James Gunn did all of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and will he will return to when production begins on the long awaited Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. However, Gunn has a lot more work ahead of him on The Suicide Squad before jumping back over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can check out the "Sharkade" images below, thanks to James Gunn's Instagram account. The Harley Quinn Scrabble image is the third photo in the series.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick