Like a fantastical version of Bonnie and Clyde, the relationship between Harley Quinn and The Joker has been something that has kept comic book fans coming back again and again to see just what the Clown Prince and Princess of Crime in Gotham would get up to next, or how they would find a way to try and take each other out. It's one of those relationships. So with Harley Quinn ready for another run out in The Suicide Squad, this time without her "Puddin'" in tow, actress Margot Robbie has been talking about how her character's ties to the Joker have changed since their last outing together. Well, if Robbie's thoughts are anything to go by, "Mistah J" could be a thing of the past for our Harley.

"To me, she has so many facets to her personality, it's an endless thing to explore with people," Margot Robbie said in an interview with The Toronto Sun. "I think in the first Suicide Squad film she had a certain confidence and cockiness, knowing that she had the protection of the Joker. She was like, 'I'll go on this mission, and he'll get me out of here in a second' ... that was kind of her prerogative on that film. Then in Birds of Prey it was, 'Oh s-, it's a scary, cold world, maybe I can't do it.' In this film, time has passed, it doesn't directly link to either of those films, but it's not something that Harley is wrestling with anymore. She's not waiting for Mr. J to show up and she's not wondering if she can do it on her own. She knows."

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So, while Jared Leto's incarnation of the Joker may have had a recent return to screen in Zack Snyder's Justice League, reinstated in the director's much extended vision of the DC superhero mashup, we shouldn't expect to see him turning up on Harley Quinn's doorstep anytime soon. It seems that their relationship is definitely in the past, for now, and Harley has some other things to focus on in the new movie.

Does that mean we will never see them reconciled? Well, with Warner Bros. seemingly taking many of it's DC offerings down different avenues, it is unlikely we will even see Leto's Joker again, let alone any kind of joint movie, but as we know, in the comic-book inspired world of movies, we should never say never.

The Suicide Squad sees Harley Quinn, Peacemaker, Bloodsport, King Shark and the rag tag bunch of criminals taken on a mission with the super-secretive Task Force X and dropped on the remote island on Corto Maltese, a place littered with enemies. While nothing else is really known of the plot, the recent final trailer has promised a full-on R-rated affair of profanity and gore, which will certainly be a welcome sight for those who have been a little upset by the "kidification" of many recent movies based on more adult-themed comic book characters and stories. With only a month until The Suicide Squad arrives in theaters, it looks sure to be another comic-book hit offering from James Gunn.