John Cena says the beginning of The Suicide Squad is "like a movie in itself." Cena is clearly excited to be working with James Gunn on the long-awaited project and gave DC fans a tease about what they can expect. Gunn has mostly kept his lips sealed about the movie, though we have seen some leaked set photos that may give Cena's words on the opening scenes some context. However, it's pretty early to try and figure out what exactly will be going down when the movie hits theaters.

In a new interview, John Cena was asked about James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. According to the actor, Gunn is doing what he does best, which is connect a lot of characters into a larger narrative. The director was able to take the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were mostly unknown to people outside of comic book circles and turn their stories into box office gold. Cena had this to say about The Suicide Squad screenplay and Gunn.

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"I was blown away. The first 10 pages [are] like a movie in itself. It's really, really special. That's because the guy steering the ship [Gunn] is committed to narrative and committed to creating characters that we connect with and sending them on an awesome journey. I mean what he did with [Guardians of the Galaxy] is really special."

As for the "movie in itself" comments, we have seen images of Nathan Fillion, Pete Davidson, Flula Borg, Mayling Ng, and Sean Gunn from the set and it's assumed that their parts in the movie come early on. Davidson was only on set for a few days and there have been rumors that these characters don't make it past the opening of the movie. Could this be what John Cena was referring to? That's only speculation at this point in time.

When asked what it was like to be working with James Gunn, John Cena had nothing but great things to say about the director. Gunn, like the rest of the Marvel Studios crew, has a pretty intense work ethic, which isn't to say that people at DC don't. Gunn is on social media quite often sharing his work with fans, which lets them know that he's working on something almost constantly. Cena explains.

"You want go to work with people who jump out of bed every day and want to go to work. [James Gunn] is the epitome of that. He cares so much about what he's doing and I think especially when he's put in a position to write, develop, and do this by his rules essentially. He chose the franchise. He kind of dictated his terms and now he's really betting on himself and I hope everybody enjoys seeing it as much as we're enjoying making it, because it's awesome."

The Suicide Squad is going to be a pretty big left turn from what David Ayer did with 2016's Suicide Squad. While the movie was a commercial success, fans and critics weren't really all that into it except for Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, who is starring in Birds of Prey, which hits theaters next month. The interview with John Cena was originally conducted by Collider. You can check out some of those first set images below.