James Gunn has shared an image of himself getting the storyboards ready for The Suicide Squad. The director is currently in the pre-production stage and is sharing a part of his creative process with fans after a long absence on social media. One of Gunn's talents, outside of taking comic book source material and bringing it to the big screen, is communicating with fans and keeping them up to date with what he is working on, without giving out anything to spoil a particular project.

The Suicide Squad is still a big mystery at this point in time and James Gunn is bringing some of his secrecy skills from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with him to DC. With that being said, the director is excited to be working on the movie, which is not being called a sequel to the 2016 original. On his Instagram story, Gunn showed off a bit of a storyboard drawing, but it's hard to make out exactly what it is. According to comments on social media, the general consensus is that the image is of Clayface, though it has not been confirmed.

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Regardless of who or what James Gunn just shared from The Suicide Squad, it's just nice to see him getting enthusiastic about working on the DC project. As for the characters who are going to pop up in the reboot, it has been confirmed villains King Shark, Peacemaker, Polka-Dot Man, and Ratcatcher will be in the movie. As for returning characters, it is believed Harley Quinn will be back, though that has yet to be confirmed at this time. However, actor Jai Courtney, who played George "Digger" Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang, in 2016's Suicide Squad, says he is returning for the reboot.

After James Gunn finishes his work on The Suicide Squad, he will be hopping back over to Marvel Studios to begin work on the long awaited Guardians of the Galaxy 3. The director was famously fired from the project last summer after some decade-old tweets resurfaced featuring some truly tasteless jokes. Disney stuck to their guns for months before announcing that Gunn was returning to the fold, which led to a lot of excitement amongst the Guardians cast and MCU fans from all over the world.

Now that James Gunn is getting into the storyboard process for The Suicide Squad, we should start to get some regular updates in the near future. The project has been in a bit of development hell over the past three years, so it's nice to finally see some forward movement after more than a few directors have come and gone, including Mel Gibson, who was at one time attached to the movie. Let's hope Gunn can bring some of his past success with him to make The Suicide Squad as big as it can be. Hopefully Warner Bros. will provide an official update soon. Until then, you can check out The Suicide Squad storyboard art below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick