Hey there. Brian Gallagher here with this week's look at all the news that wasn't fit for print in the past seven days. There's a lot to get through this week so lets get started with an interesting new take on 3D without those pesky glasses:

Glasses-Free 3D Solution - via Kotaku

The 3D craze is a continually hot-button topic within the movie community and now it seems a new method has been devised to enjoy a 3D movie but without the hassle of plastic glasses. Below is a video from filmmaker Francois Vogel which "demonstrates" this new technique that doesn't involve glasses but does involve the viewer blinking at an abnormal rate. Check it out below:

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So... all you have to do is put some weird LED's on your temples and blink a lot for 2 hours? Yeah, the glasses aren't THAT much of a hassle... Nice try, Frenchy.

Banksy's True Identity Almost Sold for $1 Million on eBay - via Moviefone

The U.K. street artist Banksy made some waves on this side of the pond with the release of his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. The incredibly anonymous artist has never confirmed was his real identity is (to avoid prosecution in several cities around the world for his graffiti art), but it seems his identity was almost revealed through an eBay auction. Moviefone learned of an eBay auction by seller "jaysellsthings," who claimed to have an official document with the true identity of Banksy. However, the auction was shut down for the second time (the first time was because he wasn't selling a tangible item, which is why he offered the official document), which received 38 bids, the highest being $1 million. When the site contacted this "jaysellsthings" seller, here was his response:

"I spent 3 years finding the answer.

I was paid off, now I can tell you nothing.

All I can give you is this photograph."

Banksy photo

Was "jaysellsthings" paid off by Banksy? Is he Banksy? Who knows. Given the nature of Exit Through the Gift Shop, which many believe is a hoax, this eBay business smells fishy as well. The seller claimed to have procured the identity by matching up the prices of his artwork to corresponding tax records. It seems the mystery surrounding Banksy's identity will continue.

Parks and Recreation Alternate Title Sequence and Rob Lowe Viral Video - via College Humor and Funny or Die

NBC has FINALLY brought back one of my favorite comedies on TV, Parks and Recreation, with the third season premiering on Thursday, January 20. In anticipation of this glorious event, Aziz Ansari, who plays Tom Haverford in the series, and Rob Lowe, who joins the cast as a series regular after guest-starring last season, have debuted two new viral videos. Click below for Aziz Ansari's alternate title sequence on College Humor and Rob Lowe's hilarious viral outburst from Funny or Die:

I can't tell you how much I missed this show and the Season 3 premiere was hilarious, as usual. While it is sad that the show lost Paul Schneider, the additions of Rob Lowe and Adam Scott are fantastic. I'm hoping this third season is the best yet from these crazy folks in Pawnee, Indiana!

30 Rock's Hilarious NBC Programming Chart - via Best Week Ever

30 Rock also returned from the holiday hiatus on Thursday, January 20, as part of its new six-show, three-hour comedy block that also includes new series Perfect Couples with Community, The Office, Parks and Recreation and Outsourced. In classic 30 Rock style, the show skewered its own network in the new episode last Thursday with this hilarious photo below:

<strong><em>30 Rock</em></strong> NBC pie chart

It is kind of sad that The Biggest Loser is the biggest show on the network, after NBC Sunday Night Football, of course. I'm sure if NBC could figure out how to have an NFL game on every day of the week, they would... or if they could return to their 1997 dominance as well...

The Evolution of Nicolas Cage's Hair - via Pajiba

I've had a theory for the past few years called the Nicolas Cage Hair Theory, which supposes that the worse Nicolas Cage's hair is in a movie, the worse the actual movie is. Of course, that theory is not without its holes (See: Knowing, which I liked until the horrible ending, although that can't be blamed on his normal hairstyle...), but Pajiba discovered an intriguing video which charts the evolution of Nicolas Cage and all his crazy hairdos, which you can watch below:

Yes, it's safe to say that whoever is the hair person on any Nicolas Cage movie has his/her work cut out for them. I wonder if any hair stylist has ever actually left a project because Nicolas Cage signed on...

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