Howdy friends. Brian Gallagher here with this week's look at all the news that wasn't exactly fit for print. There's a lot of hilarity to cover this week, so let's start out with a new map of America, broken down by TV show.

America's TV Map - via The Daily

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A few weeks ago I showed you America's movie map, which showed us one movie that each of our 50 states were set in. This week, The Daily has discovered a similar map, only with a TV shows that were set in each state. Check out this small-screen cartography below:

America's TV Map

Like the movie map, there are some rather obvious choices (Seinfeld for New York, Walker, Texas Ranger for Texas), but there are some that seem bizarre. I've never heard the show The Virginian before, but apparently it takes place in Wyoming. American Pickers for Iowa seems sketchy as well, since it seems that they go all over the country and, in the few episodes of the show I've seen, I haven't heard any mention of Iowa. Coach is a decent choice for my home state of Minnesota, but I'm surprised they didn't go with The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Oh well. At least they didn't pick Happy Town...

Darth Vader In a Bizarre Japanese Cell Phone Commercial - via Blastr

There are some just plain terrible TV commercials that I see on a daily basis, but this Japanese cell phone commercial might be the weirdest I've ever seen. The commercial features Darth Vader walking around and hanging out with random cell phone users and it's creepy in the same way that the first Burger King commercials with the stalkery King were. Check out the weirdness below:

Wow. In other Funnies lost in translation news, film critic Roger Ebert recently posted a hilarious image on his blog which shows that even movie review quotes can be taken out of context in hilarious ways. The image is an international DVD cover for the Hilary Duff movie The Perfect Man which features a less-than-praising quote from Roger Ebert that they apparently thought was appropriate for the DVD. Check out the image below (the quote is on the back cover):

The Perfect Man Hilarious DVD Cover

Oh, non-American cultures. You slay me...

Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak May Become a Reality - via AOL

While moviegoers eagerly anticipate Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 this coming weekend, it seems one of Mr. Potter's magical items may actually be manufactured. AOL reports that Scottish scientists have created a new material they're calling MetaFlex, which could eventually lead to a real-life "invisibility cloak."

Scientists at St. Andrews University in Scotland have made this MetaFlex breakthrough, which manipulates light waves to make clothing and other objects appear to be invisible. It seems this material isn't quite ready for the open market yet, and it wasn't known when this MetaFlex material will hit the streets.

I, for one, am a bit worried. These hardcore Potter fans are crazy enough as it is, as we learned last week, and I can only imagine what hardcore Potter freaks would do with an invisibility cloak. Hopefully there's a counter-spell for Potter lunacy...

Anyway, you can CLICK HERE to read the full report on this new technology from the New Journal of Physics, if you're into reading all the scientific mumbo-jumbo.

Another Fantastic Community Easter Egg - via Julvett

God dammit Community, you've done it again you sneaky bastards. I'm too busy laughing hysterically when watching this NBC comedy, so I never catch these stealth little easter egg bits that they seem to throw at us every few episodes. On this past week's episode, Cooperative Caligraphy, the lovely Alison Brie's character Annie puts her foot down when she thinks someone in the group stole her glittery pen. I won't tell you who actually did steal the pen, because it's pretty damn funny, but you can actually see the pen theft, which went unseen by practically everyone, except the folks at Julvett. Take a look below at the animated image below:

Community Easter Egg Shot

This show just seems to be getting better and better and it's little quirky easter eggs like this that make Dan Harmon's show even better beyond its original broadcasts. Long live Community!

Nut Shots In Movie Trailers Foreshadow a Bad Movie - via Film Drunk

There are usually any number of indicators in a movie trailer that the movie won't be very good and, as Film Drunk has theorized, one of those indicators is the nut shot. It seems that most times a nut shot appears in a trailer, the Rotten Tomatoes aggregate critic score is rather low. Take a look at this intriguing video below on the cinematic low blow that is the nut shot:

The site did mention one exception to the rule was the 2003 comedy Bad Santa, and I'd probably have to agree with that since it's become a Christmas favorite of mine right alongside The Ref. There's only so many times you can watch It's a Wonderful Life... Anyway, take note, movie marketers, no nut shots in the trailer if you want us to think it's any good...

Well, that's about all I have for this week's edition of the Sunday Funnies. If you have any suggestions of articles/crazy stuff you'd like to see made fun of on future installments of Sunday Funnies, you can post on my wall here at MovieWeb: OR follow me on Twitter @GallagherMW to send me funny links or chat about movies or whatever strikes your fancy. Peace in. Gallagher out!