Hi there guys. Brian Gallagher here with this week's look at all the movie and TV news that wasn't exactly fit for print. There's a lot of hilarity to get to this week, so lets get started with some famous athletes recreating some movie classics:

Professional Athletes Reenacting Famous Movies - via ESPN

ESPN The Magazine's latest issue is a "Movie Spectacular" and part of this issue includes shots of A-list athletes stepping into the movie world and recreating popular movies. Click below for a look at these great images below:

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Tank Johnson, Dhani Jones and Chad Ochocinco in The Hangover

Cincinnati Bengals' Tank Johnson, Dhani Jones and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson in The Hangover

Ryan Miller in Caddyshack

Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller in Caddyshack

Seattle Mariners pitchers Garrett Olson and Felix Hernandez in Pulp Fiction

Skier Lindsey Vonn in Basic Instinct

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn in Basic Instinct

Los Angeles Clippers' Baron Davis and pro skater Terry Kennedy in Back to the Future

Los Angeles Clippers' Baron Davis and Skater Terry Kennedy in Back to The Future

NASCAR's Danica Patrick in Anchorman

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

I'll never look at female skiing in the same way ever again. Now, if we can only get shots of Jessica Alba as a beach volleyball player...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 "Literal Trailer" - via YouTube

I've never heard of these "literal trailers" before, but God damn was this hilarious. Apparently this guy named Toby Turner has been making these "literal trailers," where he sings over the trailer, explaining what's actually happening in the trailer. I can't stop watching this trailer and I'm excited to see what other literal trailers Toby Turner has. Check out the hilarity below:

Big thanks to colleagues @RyanGallagher (no relation) and @BonnieGrrl for the heads up on this fantastic trailer via my Twitter account. I honestly can't stop watching this trailer and I hope you guys think it's as hilarious as I do. Also, if you want to check out the rest of these "literal trailers," you can CLICK HERE.

Wisconsin Man Shoots His TV With a Shotgun After Bristol Palin's Performance On Dancing with the Stars - via Associated Press

There's been a bit of controversy on Dancing with the Stars this season with Bristol Palin, whose scores are consistently low with the judges and yet has made the final three contestants. Apparently, Bristol Palin doesn't have a fan in Steven Cowan, a Wisconsin man who fired a shotgun at his TV after watching her performance on Dancing with the Stars Monday night. Take a look at this dude's mugshot below along with more info:

Steven Cowan, non-fan of Bristol Palin

According to Cowan's wife, he became enraged when he saw the 20-year-old dance on the show because she lacked in talent and because he didn't enjoy the daughter of a politician being invited on the show as a political tool. The story did also mention that he suffers from bi-polar disorder. Here's an excerpt from the site's article, which describes the insane situation:

"Janice Cowan told investigators her husband left the living room and reappeared 20 minutes later with his shotgun, "raging" with his face bright red, and blasted the TV. She said he then pointed the gun at her and told her to go fetch his pistols, and threatened to kill himself if she brought anyone back. According to the criminal complaint, Steven Cowan's daughter recently took away his handguns for safekeeping. It did not elaborate.

'He scared the bejebees out of me,' she told detectives.

Janice Cowan fled the home and went to an attorney's office, where she phoned police.

She told officers that about 15 years ago her husband had threatened her with a machete when he couldn't find some ammunition and has threatened to shoot one of their cows.

She added he was under stress because of financial reasons, saying a doctor helping him with his mental health problems had suggested he temporarily turn over control of properties he rents out to the family's attorney. Calls on Wednesday to a number listed as the Cowans' could not be connected.

The situation lead to a stand-off with the SWAT team that lasted all night until Steven Cowan was arrested on early Tuesday morning. Ironically, this unhinged man may be onto something as it has been suggested/rumored/conjectured that supporters of Bristol Palin's mother, ex-Vice President candidate/new reality TV star Sarah Palin, have manipulated the Dancing with the Stars voting system and have been voting in blocks. The Palin camp has denied any voter manipulation and Bristol Palin believes that voters are supporting her because she started the show without any previous dance experience. Yeah, like we couldn't tell...

Mass. Movie Theater Shows Saw 3D... Instead of MegaMind - via WHDH

Some parents and youngsters who expected to see a family-friendly 3D movie in Saugus, Massachusetts ended up seeing a much different 3D movie... with Jigsaw instead of animated superheros. Mass. TV station WHDH reports that the Showcase Cinemas made a big mistake by screening Saw 3D instead of MegaMind.

Parents were alarmed when the previews shown were not animated movies and when the movie started, Saw 3D screened for several minutes, prompting parents to cover the eyes of their children during the gory scenes. The mistake was fixed and MegaMind was eventually put on, but parents said the damage was already done. Here's a quote from Dolph Rau, an angry father who said his son was emotionally scarred by the incident:

"He came and slept with us and we thought we had gotten past that years ago. He said that he had a few nightmares. Again, all that I would like to see come out of this is that its not going to happen again."

Although the Showcase Cinemas offered free movie tickets as a result of the snafu, Rau's son said he doesn't want to see the movie for a very long time.

Ashton Kutcher "Punks" TMZ- via Vulture

Actor Ashton Kutcher recently took a break from making digital camera commercials and invested in this new potato chip company called Pop Chips. To promote these chips, Ashton Kutcher created a funny little video which spoofs TMZ and probably counts as the closest thing to a new Punk'd episode that we'll see in a long time. Click below to watch this new video, which also features a cameo from TMZ editor Harvey Levin:

I'm sure you noticed the Pop Chips displays everywhere and I'm not sure what promoting chips has to do with digging into TMZ... but then again, an actor investing in a potato chip company doesn't make a ton of sense either...

Kick-Ass Copycats/Superheroes Without Powers Pop Up In Seattle - via Seattle Post Intelligencer

Sadly, the fantastic movie Kick-Ass never really took off at the box office, but apparently it may have inspired new real-life "superheroes" without any actual powers to try and clean up the streets. The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports that a group calling themselves the Rain City Super Hero Movement as sprouted up, with nine ordinary folks donning costumes and going by such names as Thorn, Buster Doe, Green Reaper, Gemini, No Name, Catastrophe, Thunder 88, Penelope and Phoenix Jones the Guardian of Seattle. Here's a photo of this Phoenix Jones the Guardian of Seattle with a Seattle cop below:

Phoenix Jones the Guardian of Seattle

Despite their good intentions, the Seattle cops say these seekers of justice are incredibly lucky that none of them have been seriously hurt yet. One "superhero" was almost shot while running out of a dark park and another group, who were wearing ski masks in a Kia, alarmed a witness who thought they were going to rob a gas station. Apparently the Kia was registered to one of the vigilante's godmother, who told the cops that she goes around the city doing good deeds.

It seems these ordinary heroes even have a few nemesis' as well, with Captain Ozone and Knight Owl, other costumed people, not being a part of the group. Phoenix Jones the Guardian of Seattle, who revealed his real identity to the police, also doesn't want just anybody taking to the streets with a mask. Here's what he told the site:

"I don't condone people walking around on the street with masks. Everyone on my team either has a military background or a mixed martial arts background, and we're well aware of what its costs to do what we do."

That's swell, but there's more. They are all a part of a national "organization" called the Real Life Superheroes movement. Look they have a website and everything. You can CLICK HERE to read the lengthy article to learn more about these Seattle superheroes. I wonder if these guys have Facebook pages yet... and if so, I hope they take suggestions for better superhero names...

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