Hey kids. Brian Gallagher here. We cover a lot of news here at MovieWeb, news that spans films, DVDs and television but there are several things that we come across daily that isn't necessarily "news," per se. Crazy t-shirts, mash-up or bizarre viral videos and other items are covered on other websites, despite their lack of newsworthiness, but who's to say there isn't a place for these "stories" here at MovieWeb? So, instead of clogging up the news feeds with these stories, I've decided to make a weekly place for all of the crazy non-news stories of the week for your amusement. Think of it as your online version of the Sunday comic strips that you used to read in those things called "newspapers." Remember those crazy times? Ah, memories. So, without further ado, take a look at the Sunday Funnies for this past week, August 2 - August 8.

The Lovely Eva Mendes Releases Her First "Sex Tape" - via Funny or Die

First of all, calm down. I was excited as you were when I first saw the words "Eva Mendes sex tape" and even when I saw that this came from those jokemeisters at Funny or Die, I still even held out hope that this was legit and they were firing up an "adult" section of the site. Alas, it's not what you think, but it's pretty damn funny anyway. Mendes is currently starring in The Other Guys, which stars Will Ferrell and was directed by Adam McKay, both of whom created Funny or Die, and they must have just had so much fun making the NYPD recruitment video for the film that they wanted to get Mendes in on the fun by playing off her substantial sex appeal with this infomercial-type video. Click on the video player below to be slightly disappointed, but laugh a lot as well.

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Inception Ripped Off a Scrooge McDuck/Beagle Boys Comic Book??? - via Videogum

Um, can I get a WTF?? Christopher Nolan's latest summer blockbuster Inception has warped the minds of the masses in theaters with three straight box office weekend wins in a row. Critics love it, audiences love it and people keep flocking to the theaters for repeat viewings... mostly just to let the film truly sink in. Now it seems that Nolan's extremely high-concept and utterly original film was... "STOLEN"... from the 2004 comic book "Uncle Scrooge #329 - The Dream of a Lifetime." This might sound incredibly silly, but once you take a look at the image below, you might not think it so silly.

Scrooge McDuck/<strong><em>Inception</em></strong> rip-off image

Now, of course, just because this exists and it did exist 6 years before the film was released, doesn't mean that Christopher Nolan was shopping for Scrooge McDuck comics and decided to pilfer this issue for his next movie. On the other hand, given the esteemed stature of Nolan in modern filmdom, it might just be the perfect crime since one wouldn't think of someone like Nolan would just gank a concept and premise from an obscure comic book. I have to imagine it is just an incredible coincidence, but damn what a coincidence it is. You can CLICK HERE to read the entire issue of this comic for free. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be watching some episodes of DuckTales to see if I can uncover the true origin of Memento...

Man Covers Back in Avatar Tattoos - via Vulture

Finally, a hardcore Avatar who isn't all whiny and depressed that he or she can't live on Pandora. Crybabies. This dude is turning his frown upside down by covering his back with a series of tattoos depicting the Na'vi Neytiri, who was portrayed in the film by the Zoe Saldana, and who also proved that she's still even kind of hot with a crazy tail and blue skin. Apparently this dude feels the same way and felt like expressing that obsession with six back tattoos, which you can take a look at in the image below.

<strong><em>Avatar</em></strong> back tattoo guy

This guy also has further goals for Avatar back-tattoo dominance. Check out some of the comments he left on an Avatar message board below, which aren't edited for grammar.

" as you can see me and my back im going to be the only person on earth that will have there back fully done with neytiri and the navi pattern CRAZY well maybe but I dont care what people think

like I said im going for no white /freckles if I can"

Aim high, Avatar freak. Aim high...

Eastbound & Down's Kenny Powers Signs With K-Swiss - via Funny or Die

While we all wait for the hilarious Eastbound & Down to return to HBO (we announced last month that Season 2 will premiere on Sunday, September 26 at 10:30 PM ET on HBO), they have wisely decided to use Danny McBride as his hilarious Kenny Powers character in a number of TV commercials for the shoe company K-Swiss. In an even smarter move, they took it one step further with this hilarious new Funny or Die video that shows how this K-Swiss deal was made. Check out the hilarity below.

Well, that's about all I have for this week's edition of the Sunday Funnies. If you have any suggestions of articles/crazy stuff you'd like to see made fun of on future installments of Sunday Funnies, you can post on my wall here at MovieWeb: movieweb.com/u/gallagher OR follow me on Twitter @GallagherMW to send me funny links or chat about movies or whatever strikes your fancy. Peace in. Gallagher out!