Hey folks. Brian Gallagher here with a look at all the crazy news that wasn't exactly fit for print this week. We have a lot to get through this week so lets kick things off with several news items about 3D evil fishies.

Piranha 3D Controversy, Lunacy and Hilarity- via The Hollywood Reporter, The Los Angeles Times and Funny or Die

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The craziest movie of the summer, Piranha 3D, opened in theaters this weekend to some dissapointing box office numbers but the film was making plenty of waves last week before the film debuted. First, The Hollywood Reporter got a hold of a threatening letter from all-around jackass Joe Francis' legal counsel to The Weinstein Company. See, Jerry O'Connell plays a character named Derrick Jones, a soft-core pornographer who is loosely based on Francis and his Girls Gone Wild franchise (the film's version is Wild Wild Girls). It's rather humorous how they don't want the film "maligning" Francis... especially since Francis does a pretty good job of maligning himself on his own.

Next up is The Los Angeles Times' story about Lake Havasu, the Arizona town where they filmed Piranha 3D is, get this, worried that the film might hurt their tourism industry. Are they worried that portraying their town as a hotbed of drunken coeds will be harmful? I wish. Hilariously, they're worried that moviegoers will recognize the town in the film and won't plunk down their tourism dollars because... they think piranhas actually exist in their lake. Amazing. Don't believe me? Check out this excerpt from the article:

"One woman was bringing up to me that the movie was coming out, and she asked - as serious as serious can be - 'Oh, but are there still piranha in the lake?' " recalled Cal Sheehy, general manager of the London Bridge Resort, which is right on Lake Havasu. "At first, I kind of took it as a joke. But then I let her know that that's the computer-generated part of the movie. And she was very relieved, saying, 'Oh, I'm so glad to hear that.' "

Finally, it seems the film and those who made it have a better sense of humor than Francis and would-be Lake Havasu tourists. Several of the actors in the film made a fake "for your consideration" video ad for Oscar contention over at Funny or Die. Hilarious stuff, folks. Check out the video on the player below:

And go see the damn film, will you? It's awesome (CLICK HERE to read my review) but the opening weekend take is incredibly disappointing. A $10 million opening weekend for a 3D movie with more blood and boobs than you can shake a severed penis at? You disappoint me, America.

How Back to The Future's Flux Capacitor Really Works - via SloshSpot

Do you ever lie awake at night, racking your brain on how Doc Brown invented the flux capacitor in the 1985 classic film Back to The Future? If so, you need a new hobby, but you're also in luck because the mystery has finally been solved thanks to the folks at SloshSpot. Take a look at this new infographic image below to see how this marvel of film science really works:

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor infographic

It's unclear if the device only works in a DeLorean or can be applied to other vehicular units... Maybe we could put one on a Segway and go back in time... to uninvent the Segway...

The Last Exorcism Spooks People on ChatRoulette - via Bloody-Disgusting

This might be one of the most hilarious and inventive pieces of viral marketing I've ever seen. The Last Exorcism will hit theaters this coming weekend on August 27 and Lionsgate has taken to ChatRoulette to promote the film in their unique way. Instead of seeing women getting naked, ChatRoulette users see what looks to be a normal girl who is going to take her top off when her eyes roll in the back of her head and she does several other demonic things. The video of the girl isn't that great, but seeing people react to it in real time is just hilarious. Check it out below:

I wonder if Going the Distance will jump on the bandwagon and have Drew Barrymore and Justin Long connecting with each other on ChatRoulette...

Jersey Shore's Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Is Annoying People... and She Was Arrested For It - via The Associated Press

You wouldn't think that someone like Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi would be one to set a legal precedent, but this is a strange, strange world that we live in. The Jersey Shore cast member was recently arrested in Jersey after a disturbance on the beach in Seaside Heights, where the cast members live. Snooki was charged with disorderly conduct and creating a public nuisance, but, just this week, a new charge was added: annoying people. I swear to god. That is the ACTUAL count Snooki is being charged with. You just can't make this stuff up, folks.

She plead not guilty to all three counts and it was said that if she is convicted she could have to pay up to $2,000 in fines but, since she has a clean criminal record, it would likely be around $500 in fines. Snooki's lawyer had this to say:

"We look forward to preparing our defense."

Good luck in trying to defend one of the most annoying people on the planet that she isn't annoying people... I wonder how long it would take to build a case against Perez Hilton...

Mad Men Pisses Off Real Ad Firm McCann Erickson - via Vulture

Last week's episode of Mad Men, The Rejected, brought the return of Aaron Staton's Ken Cosgrove and during an exchange with Vincent Kartheiser's Pete Campbell, Cosgrove had some disparaging things to say about the advertising firm McCann Erickson, the firm that bought out Sterling Cooper at the end of last season and caused the formation of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce this season. Here's what he had to say below:

"It's the worst agency I've ever seen. The worst. My mother was a nurse at the state hospital [ ... ] and that was the last time I saw so many retarded people in one building."

Apparently, McCann Erickson is an actual Madison Avenue ad firm and they were none to pleased with that line. They took out ads in AdWeek, BrandWeek and MediaWeek publications that simply said, "Welcome, Sterling Cooper" and Vulture reached out to the firm for more comments. Here are some of the zingers they came up with for comebacks in response to the episode:

  • "The Mad Men premiere garnered 2.9 million viewers while the Jersey Shore premiere garnered 5.2 million viewers. Clearly, the 'retards' are the winning team."
  • - "It is not appropriate to make fun of people with disabilities. You know, like TV writers."
  • - "We watch Mad Men for the commercials. We skip through the actual show."

Aw, poor McCann Erickson. I guess they won't be going to the prom with Mad Men now....

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