Hey there. Brian Gallagher here with this week's look at all the news that wasn't exactly fit for print. Let's get started with an intriguing look at the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce on AMC's hit series Mad Men.

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Office Floor Plan From Mad Men - via Buzzfeed

The fantastic fourth season of Mad Men has just come to a close last Sunday, which means that I have to find something else to do on Sunday nights now. For those pining for more of this incredible show, Buzzfeed has discovered an intriguing floor plan layout for the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce offices on the show. It's surprisingly detailed and actually explains why Christina Hendricks' Joan Holloway was complaining about people cutting through her office in an episode this year. Get your Mad Men fix with this cool new image below:

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Mad Men Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Office Floor Plan

That would be hilarious if that room was actually used for whiskey storage... While I still want more Don Draper awesomeness to fill up my Sunday nights, we only have one week to go until The Walking Dead!

South Park Creator Admits to Stealing From College Humor for Inception Parody Episode - via The New York Times

Well, it seems that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are two of the few people in the country who haven't seen Inception. On Wednesday, South Park aired a hilarious episode which poked fun at the complexities of the summer blockbuster Inception. However, as it was noted by College Humor writer Dan Gurewitch, the episode featured lines of dialogue that were pilfered from a College Humor spoof Inception Characters Don't Understand Inception. On Friday, co-creator Matt Stone did the stand-up thing and admitted to The New York Times that they indeed did steal material from the short video for their episode. Here is an excerpt from the article where Matt Stone admits his mistake:

"Mr. Stone said he and Mr. Parker wanted their South Park episode to satirize the verbal complexity of Inception. "It was like, 'Let's parody the gobbledygook - because honestly, that movie - all those explanations, and explanations of explanations," Mr. Stone said.

When Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone could not find a movie theater showing Inception, and were unable to get a DVD screener of the film (or find a watchable version on BitTorrent), they turned to other parodies of that film on the Web, and found the CollegeHumor video.

"We thought their joke was that a lot of those lines were actually in the movie," Mr. Stone said, "and they were banging them against each other, and showing that the Inception characters didn't even know Inception. That was a mistake, and it was an honest mistake."

Kudos to Matt Stone for manning up and admitting the mistake, something many wouldn't do. Matt Stone also attributed the mistake in the frantic pace of the show, which they do, from script to screen, in just six days for each episode. I reviewed the South Park: The Complete Twelfth Season DVD last year and there's a fantastic special feature entitled Six Days to South Park: A Day-by-Day Making of South Park. While this insane process allows the show to be much timelier than practically any other show on TV, it's still a full two days less that most live-action shows work in and MUCH shorter than the typical animated show, which has to be done so far in advance because of the animation process. While it is unfortunate that this mistake was made, it's nice to see Matt Stone owning up to the error. You can click on the video player below to watch the original College Humor video and you can also CLICK HERE to see examples of similar dialogue in both pieces:

How To Make an Optimus Prime Costume For Just $20 - via Geek Tyrant

Halloween is rapidly approaching and if you're unsure of what to dress up as this year... and have a $20 bill burning a hole in your pocket, you just may be in luck. Geek Tyrant has discovered a YouTube video where some dude teaches you how to build your very own Optimus Prime costume for only 20 bucks. It seems all you need is a bunch of cereal boxes and hot glue and/or super glue. Peter Cullen's voice is not included. Check out the nine-minute video below:

Only one question remains, though: How is one supposed to drink in that costume? Still, this costume is a hell of a lot cooler than the lame costumes you can buy at Target/Wal-Mart/K-Mart/CVS/Whatever.

Stephen Colbert "Storms Off" The View - via ABC

In last week's column, we showed you how pissed off Bill O'Reilly made The View hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar when they walked off the set. This week, the hilarious Stephen Colbert was on the show and, of course, they talked more about Bill O'Reilly, since it's likely the only thing that's fueling their ratings right now. Click on the video below to watch Stephen Colbert walking off the set:

Now then, can people stop doing "controversial" things on The View so we can go back to ignoring the show? Coolthanksbye.

Movie Lines Which Were Hilariously Edited For TV - via Gawker

When movies have naughty words and they appear on network TV years later, it means naughty word substitutions have to be made, many times using an actor with a much different voice. I can attest to this myself after a recent viewing of one of my childhood favorites, Major League, on Comedy Central. However, the fine folks over at Gawker have compiled a hilarious assembly of the most outlandish substitutions for TV-edited movie lines, which include scenes from classics such as Pulp Fiction, Scarface, Goodfellas and, my personal favorite substitution from The Big Lebowski. Click on this side-splitting video below, which includes the original curse-word scenes and the TV-edited scenes:

Apparently, the crime of finding a stranger in the alps is just cause for smashing a windshield with a tire iron. I'll keep that in mind the next time I'm in the alps... Also, if you don't have the Scarface Platinum Edition DVD, you should pick it up because there is an awesome montage of scenes like this from the TV version.

Star Wars Old-School Boxing-Style Fight Posters - via Old Red Jalopy

These are rather brilliant, folks. Old Red Jalopy has created two Star Wars posters that takes the Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader conflict and sets it up like a nostalgic boxing match. Take a look at these creative new posters below:

Star Wars Boxing-Style Poster #1

Star Wars Boxing-Style Poster #2

I can picture it now. Luke and Darth squaring off in a dank, smoky room with sleazy bookies taking bets. That truly would be in a galaxy far, far away...

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