Howdy friends. Brian Gallagher here with a look at the news that wasn't exactly fit for print over the past seven days. There's a lot to get into this week so let's start with Betty White displaying some rapping skills.

Betty White's Rap Video from Community - via

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One of my favorite shows on the small screen returned last week, and they had one hell of a guest star to kick off their new season. Community's second season started on Thursday night (8 PM ET) and the incomparable Betty White guest-starred on the episode, portraying an anthropology professor. Aside from her appearance on the show, she also appeared in the post-show 30-second segment, which has grown to be a popular part of the show after the classic Biblioteca rap last season. This season Betty White joined Abed (Danny Pudi) and Troy (Donald Glover) with a brand new rap... set to Africa by Toto. Check out this hilarious video below:

If you missed the awesome Season 2 premiere, Episode 2.01: Anthropology 101, you can CLICK HERE to watch the full episode right here on MovieWeb. I wonder what song Abed and Troy will rap to next... and I can't wait to find out.

Hilarious Illustrations of Superheroes as Hipsters - via College Humor

The fine folks over at College Humor have provided some interesting fodder for fanboy conversation: what if superheroes were hipsters? The site drew up seven illustrations with several superhero characters like Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man and more, which show us what these hipsters might say. Take a look at these hilarious images below:

Iron Man Hipster Image
Aquaman Hipster Image
Professor X Hipster Image
The Incredible Hulk Hipster Image
Wonder Woman Hipster Image
Batman Hipster Image
Spider-Man Hipster Image

Hopefully this will be an ongoing series because there are tons of other superheroes to make fun of. I'd love to see a Jonah Hex image with a Nelly band-aid over his disfigured face...

CBS' $#*! My Dad Says Bleeps Up DVR - via Reuters

CBS' new comedy series $#*! My Dad Says is the network's latest attempt to attract an audience younger than 50 years old, but it's also causing some problems for viewers using DVR. A Reuters story indicates that hieroglyphic-like title actually can't be searched for on DVR.

Of course, viewers can scroll through to the Thursday night, 8:30 PM ET grid to find the show or, you know, you can just watch it live. It seems this DVR setback didn't really affect the show's premiere ratings though. The series debut with a solid 3.9 rating with a 12 share and 12.5 million viewers, hanging onto 81% of their lead-in from The Big Bang Theory.

As for the DVR debacle, CBS cracked wise about it:

"We're consulting with the artist formerly known as ! on the matter," joked a CBS spokesman.

Wow, how hilarious was that? I bet that spokesman wrote a pilot about talking monkeys or a reboot of Murder, She Wrote that we'll see on CBS next year. They should just grow a sack and call it Shit My Dad Says like the Twitter account from where it was birthed. Oh yeah, that's right. Calling it Shit My Dad Says would be a risk, and CBS doesn't do risks...

Twilight Fan Pays $60,000 to Hang Out on the Set - via The Vancouver Sun

If you've read any of my reviews of the last two Twilight Saga flicks, you'll know I'm certainly not a fan of this lame series. The movies are like a cinematic equivalent of soccer: they both have huge followings around the world, and nobody seems to know why. Liking these moronic movies is one thing, but dropping a small fortune just to hang out with KStew, RPattz and Shirtless Boy is something that defies logic even more. The Vancouver Sun has a story about an eBay bidder who plunked down $60,100 for a chance to visit the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1.

The winning bidder wasn't identified, but it seems the bidding war jumped from $40,000 to $60,100 in the final minutes of the auction. The big prize includes airfare to Seattle with VIP car service from Seattle to Vancouver, where the movie will start shooting in February.

The only good thing about this is that all of the proceeds of this auction went to the charity Stand Up For Cancer. The whole thing sounds like a rip-off though. Sure, it's great that 60K is going to a worthy cause, but this winner will only be on the set for a day. For 60 grand, I'd expect a co-producer credit...

New Zombie Chart Shows You How to Survive - via Yahoo! Movies

If you've watched Dawn Of The Dead a few too many times and are convinced that a zombie outbreak is upon us, then the peeps over at Yahoo! Movies have you covered. The site has created an interesting chart which ranks 19 different zombie movies in terms of fast, slow, smart or dumb the zombies are in each of these movies and how "survivable" each movie is. Take a look at this chart below:

Zombie Survival Chart

I want, no, need, the same people who made that to make one for The Twilight Saga, but only in terms of how dumb it is.

Well, that's about all I have for this week's edition of the Sunday Funnies. If you have any suggestions of articles/crazy stuff you'd like to see made fun of on future installments of Sunday Funnies, you can post on my wall here at MovieWeb: OR follow me on Twitter @GallagherMW to send me funny links or chat about movies or whatever strikes your fancy. Peace in. Gallagher out!