Hi there friends. Brian Gallagher here with this week's look at all of the news that wasn't exactly fit for print. There's a lot to get through this week so lets start off with one of the coolest outdoor ads I've ever seen, for the hit AMC TV series Mad Men.

Mad Men Skyscraper Ad - via Ads Of the World

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Along with being one of the best shows anywhere on TV, Mad Men has a wonderful opening credit sequence, which features an animated man jumping off a skyscraper. I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner, but New Zealand ad agency DraftFCB has turned a real skyscraper into a wonderful ad for the show, which will start airing on New Zealand's Prime network this month. Take a look at this innovative ad below.

Mad Men Skyscraper Ad

Awesome. I wonder if any New Zealand residents who aren't familiar with the show will actually think some guy is jumping off a building... Hats off to the DraftFCB agency for this wonderful ad.

Director Uwe Boll Is Suing the Berlin Film Festival Because Auschwitz Wasn't Allowed In - via The Hollywood Reporter

Like anyone who appreciates decent movies, I am not a fan of German director Uwe Boll. Admittedly, I have only seen one of his movies - the 2005 disaster Alone In The Dark - but it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen (Tara Reid playing a scientist? Really?) and I just don't feel the need to watch any more of his flicks unless I absolutely have to. Despite the critics constantly trashing his movies (which normally don't make that much money to begin with), he still finds people willing to give him money to make movies, the latest of which is Auschwitz, a movie about the infamous Nazi concentration camp. It seems Mr. Boll tried to get Auschwitz into the Berlin Film Festival and it was denied entry. Naturally, Boll is taking a step that no one else would in his position: he's suing the festival.

Uwe Boll's lawsuit accuses the festival of a "breach of trust and unfair competition." It seems Berlinale requires a 125 Euro fee to be paid, for films that aren't officially invited. Uwe Boll refused to pay the fee and, in turn, took the opportunity to bad mouth festival director Dieter Kosslick. Here's what Uwe Boll had to say.

"Kosslick has been fighting me for the last 25 years, as Berlin festival director and before, when he was head of (German regional film board) the NRW Filmstiftung. I don't believe the Berlinale handles all films fairly. Kosslick has his deals with the major studios and invites his old pals from the Filmstiftung days. There isn't fair competition."

Frauke Greiner, the festival's head of press, responded to these bizarre allegations by saying Berlinale's policies are legal.

"The entry fee is only required for films that apply to the festival," said Berlinale head of press. [Our guidelines allow us to] waive the fee for films we invite to be submitted, which is the case for many films we screen outside of Germany. It is all legal."

What likely happened is the Berlin Film Festival denied Uwe Boll because, you know, it's a bad movie. This crybaby tactic is like a screenwriter whose script is rejected by a studio... and then the screenwriter suing the studio. Grow the f&%k up, Uwe Boll. Then again, this lawsuit shouldn't be surprising since this is the same guy who boxed movie critics because he was sick of reading bad reviews of his bad movies...

Meet The Child Darth Vader in the Volkswagon Star Wars Super Bowl Ad - via MSNBC

One of the best commercials during the Super Bowl last week was the Volkswagon Star Wars ad, which featured a young boy dressed up as Darth Vader, trying to "use the force" on anything he sees. Naturally, people want to know who this young lad is behind the mask, which was revealed on NBC TODAY Show. Six-year old Max Page played the pint-sized Vader in the commercial and, ironically, the kid looks more like Luke Skywalker. Take a look at Darth Vader unmasked below.

In case you missed this fantastic commercial during the big game, you can take a look at it below as well.

If only this kid was around when Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace was in production. He probably would've made a great Annakin Skywalker...

Six Actual People Who Have Developed Real "Super Powers" - via Blastr

Back in a November edition of The Sunday Funnies, I told you about some Kick-Ass-esque "superheroes" who prowled the streets of Seattle, fighting crime despite their lack of actual super powers. Blastr recently ran an interesting piece about six non-crimefighting people who somehow have developed super-human abilities. Some of these are fairly tame, including a man who never sleeps and a neurologist who has super smelling abilities, but two of them caught my eye. One is a Chinese man who can actually shoot bolts of electricity and a construction worker who essentially is a human magnet. Here's a photo of human magnet, a.k.a. Liew Thow below.

The Human Magnet

Apparently, Thow's body doesn't have a magnetic field, but his skin has high levels of friction and he can stick up to 36 kg of objects to his skin and he can also pull a car (The Human Tow Truck?) as well.

There is no photo of the electric man a.k.a. Ma Xiangang, but he discovered while messing around with a live wire that he can store current in his body. Instead of a painful shock, electricity actually invigorates the man, who can hold up to 220 volts of electricity. He uses it for a bizarre form of massage, which he calls "electrotherapy," instead of fighting crime. He also went through testing at Haerbin Industry University, where it was discovered that his body's resistance to electricity is seven to eight times higher than a normal person.

Maybe Liew Thow and Ma Xiangang should team up and become a makeshift two-headed version of Magneto and Rayden from Street Fighter...

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey Return for Wayne's World Reunion on Saturday Night Live - via Hulu

I'm still not quite sure why, but last weekend, Dana Carvey hosted Saturday Night Live and, of course, he put some of his classic characters from his time on the show on display. The show's cold open featured a reunion of the classic skit Wayne's World, with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey returning as Wayne and Garth as they made their Oscar picks for the year. Take a look at the hilarity below.

Dana Carvey will next be seen Jack and Jill, his first movie in nearly a decade, after the atrocious The Master Of Disguise. I truly hope he can make a comeback since he was once rather hilarious and I hope he can be again.

Well, that's about all I have for this week's edition of The Sunday Funnies. If you have any suggestions of articles/crazy stuff you'd like to see made fun of on future installments of Sunday Funnies, you can post on my wall here at MovieWeb: movieweb.com/u/gallagher OR follow me on Twitter @GallagherMW to send me funny links or chat about movies or whatever strikes your fancy. Peace in. Gallagher out!