Plot details have emerged for director John Luessenhop's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D reboot, which just /the-texas-chainsaw-massacre-3d-set-for-october-2012/today set its theatrical release date for October 5, 2012. The plot details come courtesy of What's Playing; read on if you dare, spoilers abound:

"The new film, set today, will see the authorities and some angry townspeople ambushing the Sawyer home -- where Jeb Stuart is accused of carrying out his butchering.

Hooper, the local by-the-book sheriff, had agreed to give Leatherface/Jeb Sawyer a fair trial and grant him a good lawyer.... But that's before local mayor Burt Hartman, an imposing town tough-guy, arrives with a mob to see that the murderer/s don't even make it past their front door. Though they both want justice, Hooper and Burt have different methods. Things escalate when Burt's mob start tying ropes to trees, prepping for a hanging, and ultimately throw a flaming cocktail into the Sawyer home... burning the place, and it's residents (including Jeb's father, Drayton, played by Bill Moseley), to the ground.

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Goodbye Sawyers... goodbye Leatherface?

You can guess what happens next: The Chainsaw killings start up again (there's a fun sequence at a carnival where our villain starts chopping away at the attendees) and Hooper is forced to believe that Jeb Stuart somehow survived the fire and is back for revenge. But is it Jeb? And if not, who is it? and why have they surfaced?"