The Texas Chainsaw Massacre DVD: Our own Brian Balchack has given The Texas Chainsaw Massacre a glowing review...

a remake that not only sparked tons of intrigue from it's brilliantly cut teaser trailer, but eventually took audiences on a deeply dark and twisted journey that not only was on par with the original, but took us all into places in which Texas Chainsaw horror had not taken us yet.

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In addition, we've got some all new assets from the DVD release! Get into THE horror film of 2003!

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New Line Home Entertainment brings the horror home with the most terrifying hit of the year, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, on DVD and VHS March 30. With two distinctly different DVD versions debuting simultaneously; a special 2-Disc Platinum Series? Collector's Edition DVD and a single-disc DVD, there is something frightening to satisfy all consumers.

The 2-Disc Platinum Series Collector's Edition DVD is loaded with extras such as a collectible/removable metal plate featuring an embossed image of Leatherface, crime scene photos, plus an entire disc of bonus features including deleted scenes and an alternate opening and ending. This version will be priced to own at $39.92 SRP, while the single-disc DVD version with fewer bonus features will be sold for $27.95 and the VHS for $22.99 SRP.

DVD Special Features


* Theatrical version (1.85) of the film

* Original Theatrical Trailer

* 7 TV Spots

* Music Video - Motograter "Suffocate"

* DTS ES Surround

* Dolby Digital EX 5.1

* English Subtitles and Closed Captions

* Spanish Subtitles


The Collector's Edition includes all of the special features on the single-disc version, as well as the features below.


* Collectible and removable metal plaque cover

* Crime scene photos

* Deleted Scenes

* Alternate opening and ending

* Chainsaw Redux: In depth " Making of the film" documentary

* Gein: The Ghoul of Plainfield Documentary. The true story behind the movie

* 3 Filmmaker commentaries with Michael Bay, Director Marcus Nispel and more

* Cast screen tests

* Art galleries

* DVD-ROM Content Script-to-Screen