The Transporter 2:IGN Filmforce have posted the first online script review of the sequel to 2002's The Transporter which is set to reprise Jason Statham in the title role. Here's a look...

This time around Frank lives in Miami. The story opens with a nod to the previous movie: Frank sits alone in his souped-up BMW, listening to classical music before heading off to do a job. Then a seemingly innocent school girl knocks on his window. She claims to need help fixing a flat tire.

The meticulous, punctual Frank, not wanting to be late, declines but then finds himself staring down the barrels of two big guns. The little school girl is part of a group of vicious car jackers. As anyone who saw the first film can attest, Frank performs well under stress so you can imagine what happens next.

Frank wasn't on his way to serve as a getaway driver or a courier. His change of heart during the first film has apparently taken hold; he now serves as the chauffeur for the Billings (Valletta plays wife Vittoria). He's also become a big brother figure for the wealthy family's two sons, Devon (5) and Jack (7).

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