Universal Pictures is getting ready to unleash The Thing in theaters everywhere starting October 14. To help get movie-goers into The Thing spirit, Universal has debuted a new "It Will Become You" Custom Video Creator at ItWillBecomeYou.com. This new site enables users to put a horrific spin on their own videos, by causing tentacles to come out of the user's body. Click on the photo below to create your own video and terrify your friends.


The studio has also created an elaborate YouTube prank, which appears to be a young woman in a bikini, and then turns into something much different. There are nine different videos to choose from. Click on the image below to check out these video pranks.

<strong><em>The Thing</em></strong> YouTube Prank

Universal Pictures has debuted an Augmented Reality Flamethrower game for iPhone and Android users. Players must use their flamethrower in a 360-degree environment to ward off attacking alien creatures. Users can also "infect" themselves and, with facial-recognition software, players can see what they would look like if they were actually infected. Take a look at some screenshots from this game below.

<strong><em>The Thing</em></strong> Flamethrower Game Screenshot 1
<strong><em>The Thing</em></strong> Flamethrower Game Screenshot 2
<strong><em>The Thing</em></strong> Flamethrower Game Screenshot 3

CLICK HERE to download the Augmented Reality Flamethrower game for Apple devices, and CLICK HERE to download the game for Android devices.