MadTV alum Will Sasso has emerged as a top contender to play one of The Three Stooges for Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly.

A deal isn't in place yet, and it isn't known if Will Sasso has actually been offered a role, or if he is just a front runner. It also isn't known which of the Stooges he will play. Will Sasso's name was mentioned in a report last month, which said he might play Curly.

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We also reported last month that the Farrelly Brothers are interested in Cher to play a Mother Superior. The actress revealed on her Twitter account last Friday that she is meeting with the directors this week. Here is the tweet below.

"Hey! Anyone got An opinion about me playing "Mother superior" of Orphanage where 3 stooges grow up in new film The Three Stooges. Got meeting nxt wk with Adorable Farrelly Bros. I love them! They are very sweet, make me howl & embarrass the €%^*£? out of me!"

Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly will direct The Three Stooges from their own script. Earlier reports indicated that The Three Stooges would start filming in March. Since no cast members have been secured yet, it isn't known if they will start filming on time yet.