Directors Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly are one step closer to filling their cast for The Three Stooges, with Sean Hayes joining the comedy as Larry.

We reported last month that Will Sasso will play Curly. The directors are still searching for that last piece of the casting puzzle: The actor who will play Moe. It is said that Sean Hayes won the Farrellys over with his ability to play, "a lovable simpleton," in Larry, who provides a middle ground between Moe's angry energy and Curly's madcap antics.

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Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly will direct from their own script, which is structured rather uniquely. While the script does tell a singular story, it is broken up into three 27-minute segments, which will give the directors a chance to employ the classic theme songs in between each part. The segments will also give the same feel of the original short films from The Three Stooges.

Production was originally set to start in March, although it isn't clear when filming will begin now on The Three Stooges. However, with the cast starting to come together now, production could start in the near future.