Directors Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly still don't have a cast in place for their comedy The Three Stooges, although they recently revealed in an interview that they plan to shoot the project this spring, and they are currently in pre-production. Here's what Bobby Farrelly had to say.

"That's a work in progress. The movie is a go. We've finally just gotten it into pre-production, so we are going to shoot it a little later this Spring. We've been casting officially for about a month, but honestly, in our heads, for about 10 years. But, we still don't have anyone yet. We're getting very, very close."
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Peter Farrelly also revealed that The Three Stooges isn't a biopic, but their take on the classic characters.

"We're going for spot on Mo, Larry and Curly. Our feeling is that this isn't a Farrelly version of The Three Stooges. This is The Three Stooges. And, it's not a biopic, by the way. We've written three new episodes. The movie is actually three episodes that go back to back to back. Each one picks up where the other one left off. We want you to look at it and say, "It's Mo, Larry and Curly!," so we have very high standards on this route."

Bobby Farrelly discussed a few of the reasons why The Three Stooges has been delayed so much.

"It's a terrifying project for actors to try to play such comedy icons, first of all. That's a little dangerous. I think the studio also looks at it and says, "Oh, The Three Stooges. That's for guys. That's not for girls." In their minds, you only have half an audience to choose from, but we don't necessarily see it that way. We see it more like when we made the movie Dumb and Dumber. It might appear that it's for guys, but girls really gravitated towards it too because it's funny. We're hoping for the same thing here. I think girls will appreciate The Three Stooges humor too. I think the studio was a little scared of that."

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