It was /the-three-stooges-gets-will-sasso-as-curly/announced late yesterday that Will Sasso has been confirmed for the role of Curly in Peter and Bobby Farrelly's long gestating The Three Stooges comedy. The sibling directors are continuing to look for their two remaining Stooges.

Today, Hank Azaria has immerged as the front-runner to play nihilistic and abusive brother Moe, a role originated by Moe Howard. This proves that the Farrelly Brothers are casting as much on looks as they are on talent. Both Hank Azaria and Will Sasso are dead ringers for their characters.

Not so sure about Larry, though. At this time, James Marsden has immerged as the front-runner for Moe and Curly's curly haired, less attractive brother. Marsden will certainly have to ugly himself up for the role if he plans to be believable. Though, that should not be a problem for the actor, as the Farrelly Brothers are quite proficient at convincing high profile team players to lose a bit of their vanity in the name of comedy when it comes to their movies.

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The Three Stooges is set to start production soon. Official casting announcements are expected sometime early next week.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange