Director Mikael Håfström is in talks to board The Tomb for Summit Entertainment. Antoine Fuqua had previously been set to direct, at a time when Bruce Willis was attached to star.

The story centers around Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone), a security expert who designed a prison that is believed to be inpenetrable and escape-proof. When he is set up and sent to the very prison he helped create, he must try to outsmart himself to escape and clear his name.

We reported last night that Arnold Schwarzenegger is circling a key role in The Tomb. This new report claims Arnold Schwarzenegger has been approached for the role, but official negotiations haven't begun yet.

Mikael Håfström will direct The Tomb from a screenplay by Miles Chapman. Jason Keller was brought on to rewrite Chapman's original draft when Antoine Fuqua was set to direct, but now Mikael Håfström is working on a new draft with Miles Chapman.