Despite the negative press heaped upon Jay Leno during his NBC late night debacle, the comedian-turned-talk show host found himself back at the top of his game after only having been back in his old 11:35 pm time slot for a month. Since returning in March, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno has once again beaten its rival The Late Show with David Letterman, placing it back at number one amongst late night talk shows.

Both enterprises have lost a number of younger audience members to cable channels such as Comedy Central and The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, whose reruns of Family Guy are king of late night amongst the 18-35 year old set. It was Jay Leno's very loyal older fan base of 55 year old male and female watchers that have brought the show back to its old ratings glory days. At this time, nearly eighty-two percent of Jay's audience has returned, while it looks to continue building in the future.

NBC is keeping low key about Jay's recent ratings success until he has his audience back by more than one hundred percent. At this time, the gap between The Tonight Show and The Late Show is considerably smaller than it was before Jay left.