In the first Transporter film, Frank Martin (Jason Statham) was in the south of France to deliver his 'package.' We pick up the story a few years later with Frank in Miami, Florida. He's retired from his mercenary work and is now a driver for a very wealthy family, the father, played by Matthew Modine, being the head of a government sting operation to stop a drug czar.

Frank's main job is picking up their son, Jack, from school, but when Frank is asked to take him to the doctor's - that's when the story really picks up. Because unfortunately for them, they won't be seeing the real doctor. A few people got to him first and killed him in their attempt to kidnap Jack. They want to inject Jack with a virus drug.

One of the 'bad guys' isn't a guy, it's Kate Nauta - a sexy assasin, who's outfit is nothing more than a Victoria's Secret bra and panties pink lace set. This is Kate's first film; she previously was a model and has also launched a music career, lending two of her songs to the soundtrack. But it's the use of automatic weapons in her underwear that really gets your attention!

Jason Statham did almost all the stunts in this film, and it looks awesome! His background in martial arts definitely comes in handy, especially in one scene where it seems he pays tribute to Jackie Chan. The fight scenes are shot so clean, it's like you're watching them fight right in front of you. He also gets to ride around in a brand new Audi A8 and a suped up Lamborghini - not too shabby!

Of course, you have some unrealistic scenes where Jason jumps across a couple parking structures or flips his car over perfectly. But it adds to the thrill of the film!

The Transporter 2 is rated PG-13; it's full of action, fighting, and hot chicks! And, it leaves you wanting a Transporter 3! Don't analize this film for little things - sit back, eat your popcorn, and be on the edge of your seat for 90 minutes!

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