British actor Chris Vance (Prison Break, Burn Notice) has landed the lead role of Frank Martin in The Transporter TV series, which will debut on Cinemax next year. We first reported on this series, which is based off the 2002 action movie The Transporter, back in March.

Luc Besson, who wrote all three of The Transporter movies, will executive produce the new series, although it isn't known if he also wrote the pilot script. Production will begin this summer in Europe and Canada, with a premiere set for 2012.

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Chris Vance also gave a brief interview where he talked about his preparation to step into Frank Martin's shoes. Here's what he had to say about his training below.

"I'm doing a bit. I'm on a fitness program at the moment. It's more stamina work than anything, because we will be shooting for five months and that's a long time to sustain all the physical activites that we've got on the show. The stunt guys that worked on the movies are coordinating all the stunts and the action sequences and everything for the series. They're all very experienced. I'll be working with them and whatever I can do, I'll do."

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