Somewhat miraculously 2018's underwater comic book caper Aquaman was far from the disaster many had expected, with the movie emerging as one of the best-reviewed outings in the DC universe. One of the highlights of the movie, and a scene that stuck in many minds long after the credits finished rolling, features Aquaman and love-interest Mera escaping the horrifying trench.

Very quickly, a spin-off set in The Trench was announced, and now co-writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick has revealed an interesting detail about the movie. The writer has been answering fan questions on social media, with one fan asking when the mysterious The Trench will take place in the DC timeline.

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"Theoretically, it takes place between 1 and 2. But some pieces of this is still being worked out."

For those who may have somehow forgotten, the trench escape allows Aquaman director James Wan to tap into his affinity for all things horror. The scene features some gruesome takedowns set against stunning imagery, as Arthur Curry and Mera dive deeper and deeper into the depths with the solitary red light of a flare revealing that they are surrounded by the terrifying creatures that inhabit the trench.

It is easily one of the movie's best sequences and it should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen it why The Trench as been chosen as a horror-infused spin-off, with movie reportedly being much more a monster movie than a superhero one.

Though he was unable to reveal any more details, Johnson-McGoldrick has now confirmed that the plan is for The Trench to take place in between the first Aquaman and the upcoming sequel. It is likely that the events of the movie will take place separately to the wider events of the Aquaman movies, but, of course, it is anyone's guess at present.

Johnson-McGoldrick was also asked about the progress that is being made on the much-anticipated Aquaman 2, with the writer confirming that, despite the chaos caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, he and James Wan are still working on it.

"It's going good! I'm texting with JW about the draft of the script right now -- I think you're gonna dig it!"

He also mentioned that, though they are not aiming to adapt any specific Aquaman comic book arc for the sequel, the pair are taking inspiration from a particular time period in comics, with a particular focus on one of DC's key villains.

"Hmm... Good question. We're not taking any one particular comic book story and adapting it, but if you want to know the vibe we're going for, pick up pretty much any Silver Age story featuring Black Manta."

It has been common knowledge for some time now that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will return as the sequel's lead villain, but the idea of Johnson-McGoldrick and Wan taking inspiration from the Silver Age is certainly intriguing and should provide some idea of the tone and potential themes of Aquaman 2.

With The Trench and Aquaman 2 still a few years away, and the coronavirus still affecting Hollywood, it will likely be a while before we're treated to any official details about either movie. At present The Trench has no scheduled release date, while Aquaman 2 is slated to open on December 16, 2022. This comes to us courtesy of David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick's Twitter account.