Movie PictureTripoli: BarryJ and MuddMan have written in with this exclusive scoop - Word in town is that Ridley Scott's next project is going to be pushed back to 2004 due to an illness in his family. Neither scooper was specific as to who in the Oscar nominated director's family was ill, nor the severity of the situation. We hope it's not the Ridman himself. Either way, our best goes out to him. Scott is finishing up principle photography on Matchstick Men, which stars Nic Cage, Sam Rockwell and newcomer Allison Lohman (White Oleander).

Rob Reiner: Reports are coming in about a project that is set to star Kate Hudson. This is happening a lot lately... Seems Hollywood is becoming VERY low-key about films they are starting up. Same thing happened in June when Barry Levinson started shooting Envy, with Ben Stiller and Jack Black... The film had no buzz. It just quietly started. We'll let you know more when we do.

Tim Burton: If you're like us at LOE, you've been waiting for Tim Burton to bounce back from the horrible Planet of the Apes... Well, seem's the visionary director is ready to get back behind the monitor. Burton is set to direct Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney in the adaptation of the novel Big Fish. I've read the book, and wouldn't want to spoil it for you... You'll just have to read it. Or wait for the movie!

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