It's what a lot of men have been waiting to hear. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is bad for your health. The penultimate film in this blockbuster franchise has triggered epileptic seizures in male audience members across America.

One recent screening in California ended abruptly when Roseville's Brandon Gephart had to be rushed to the hospital during the infamous birthing scene that sees Edward (Robert Pattinson) chewing through Bella's (Kristen Stewart) stomach. The man started convulsing, snorting, and had trouble breathing. He was then taken away by ambulance.

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A man in Salt Lake City suffered a similar fate during this climatic scene, directed by Bill Condon. He blacked out, shaking and mumbling until his wife had to slap him back into consciousness.

Medical experts believe that it is the strobing effect used during this scene that is triggering these seizures. Either that, or its an elaborate hoax to save other men from having to endure the movie just to placate their girlfriends.