Directing The Twilight Zone was a gig coveted by many, but it seems Warner Bros. has finally whittled down their decision to just one man. Matt Reeves, the auteur behind Cloverfield and Let Me In, has been chosen to helm this latest entry in the long-standing franchise.

While previous incarnations of The Twilight Zone, including both the film and the various different versions of the television series, have all been anthology based. Jason Rothenberg's script for this reboot is a stand-alone big budget sci-fi action thriller that plays into the mythology of the original show.

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Warner Bros. hopes to have Matt Reeves signed soon, and the script completely finished for a summer 2012 start date. The director is currently slated to helm This Dark Endeavor for Summit Entertainment and The Passage for Fox 2000. He also has a deal set up at Universal to direct 8 O'Clock in the Morning.

It isn't clear which of these projects will go into production first, but it's very clear that The Twilight Zone is a priority for Warner Bros., and it could take precedence over the other three movies currently on Matt Reeves slate.