Matt Reeves was once attached to direct a reboot of The Twilight Zone for Warner Bros. Pictures, but he dropped out to take on the franchise sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Not much was known about this revamp of the classic sci-fi television series from Rod Serling, which spawned a controversial anthology film in the 80s that was never sequelized. The idea for this new series is to make each movie its own contained story of original content, stamped with The Twilight Zone seal of approval.

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Now that Matt Reeves, whose Cloverfield and Let Me In could definitely rest under The Twilight Zone banner, has bailed, and a new director is being sought, story details for this first installment have been revealed.

Warner Bros. is going the time travel route, piggybacking on the recent success of Looper. The script will revolve around a test pilot who sets out to break the speed of light. When his spacecraft crashes back on earth, he discovers that he has landed 96 years into the future.

Warner Bros. does not have a set start date for this first of what will be many The Twilight Zone movies. If the first installment is successful, you can expect the studio to aggressively go after original material that they can promote under The Twilight Zone name.