The A&E Network has decided to bring the best reality series ever made back to the air for a second season. That's right! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Both Haim and Feldman have decided to do a second season of The Two Coreys.

Ten more episodes of the program will tentatively premier this coming spring. Haim and Feldman were last seen feuding at the end of season 1. Executive producers on the show say that the two have not seen each other since. The second season will pick up with Feldman and Haim trying to patch things up.

A&E's Robert Sharenow stated, "The first season of the show exposed some deep-seated issues between the Coreys, which really only started coming to the surface in the final episodes. This season promises more drama, tension and laughs as they struggle to make their relationship and careers work."

A&E's Greg Goldman continued by saying, "The first season was a whirlwind. I think we're all looking forward to see what happens this next time around."