TRON 2.0:Ain't It Cool News is reprinting a great interview with Tron creator, Steven Lisberger, which originally appeared in the latest issues of Filter Magazine. CLICK HERE

{@IMG:yq8Tm5iWMYkYAEN5qnZevPVy9MMnTH|Movie [email protected]}Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers:The Drudge Report is reporting that The Two Towers is already available for download on the internet for those out there knowing how to do so. This comes as a shock if the story is legit since the film doesn't even hit theaters for another 4 months.

Here what an AOL / TIMEWARNER representative had to say about the file in question:

"I have serious question about this, I am not sure we even have a finished product yet!" said the executive from New York. "I don't know what this is, but if it is the movie, or any portion of the movie, we will impose strict criminal penalties against anyone and everyone that downloads it!"

We'll keep you updated as to how this all pans out.

The Thing 2: According to Coming Attraction's sources, things are buzzing at Universal about John Carpenter directing a sequel to The Thing.

"Universal wants to wait and see what the sales figures for the Playstation game are first before assigning a dollar value to any possible Thing movie sequel. What if sales of The Thing video game take off? Most likely it will strengthen support that more thought should be put into The Thing 2, which might mean Universal would be willing to ante more development moolah"

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The Bourne Identity 2 & 3: Matt Damon recently talked with Empire Online about his proposed involvement in the sequels to this summer's action based spy flick, The Bourne Identity.

"I didn't sign up for another one, partly because I didn't know how I would enjoy this one," he told us. "Having said that, I did have a good time doing it and I would do another one, but it would have to be based on the script. I don't want to milk the cash cow, audiences don't appreciate that - I always used to hate that, when I'd see a sequel and it sucked, so I think the goal for the sequel will be to do it if we think we can make it better than the first one. Then that'll be something we're all really excited about."

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Signs: M. Night Shyamalan revealed his original ending to the film to the Chicago Sun Times yesterday:

"Originally, I wanted the movie to end with Mel Gibson's character finding his faith and then pulling up to a horrible car accident where a teenage girl is dying. He gives her last rites and whispers, 'Don't be afraid because you're not alone.' It was a great ending with real power, but I worried that some would think I was pandering to our basic emotions. And the last thing I thought a lady who works 14 hours a day needed to see on a Saturday night was a teen dying on a street."

Spy Hunter: Wanna see what the actual mobile will look like in both land and aquatic states in the film? Coming Attractions has the images! CLICK HERE

The Punisher:Zap2It recently interviewed Gale Ann Hurd, an executive producer on the upcoming Punisher movie. Here's what she had to say to Zap2It:

"That will start shooting next year," Hurd says. "It's a harder action one. We are just going to start the casting process in the next two weeks, so no news yet."

Casting for the movie begins in 2 weeks! Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up!

Spider-man 2:Superhero Hype is reporting that "there is no truth to the rumor yet" that he will be playing Doc Ock in the web slinger's sequel. CLICK HERE for the full report.

Jeepers Creepers 3: Johnathan Breck recently talked to Fangoria about his anticipation of making a third chapter in the Jeepers Creepers saga:

"I've thought a lot about being able to ride a horse and about my relationship with my horse," says Breck, speaking from under the heavy Creeper make-up. "The Creeper has such a twisted sense of humor, too. I'd like to see a little more of his personality come out. I grew up watching Westerns. I think it would be a really interesting twist on the horror genre film. You've got somebody in a gunfight in the middle of the street and the guy pulls his guns and just starts shooting repeatedly and nothing's happening. I think it would be a lot of fun. I could have a lot with his personality on something like that. I'd have a horse, but I don't know what I'd call it!"

Teenage Age Mutant Ninja Turtles: Wanna see what the new and improved Turtles look like in the upcoming animated series? Well, thanks to Toonzone you can! CLICK HERE

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up.

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