The very first images of Treebeard in Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers have appeared on the net! Take a look at these incredible shots! {@IMG:t3BnemfhpJZkvG8ECq3e8P5wDgKhoe|Movie [email protected]}Say hello to Treebeard!{@IMG:gYn1HRU5YewkGOMFJupVBm9BB0QnSA|Movie [email protected]}{@IMG:fc5lajSu0GgGpL5lnruY3vPrnppwXJ|Movie [email protected]}{@IMG:gF48NDrgojLyBSXQiCFRhZTmetgGqm|Movie [email protected]}{@IMG:wZuNpeNKJuTn7jrlshrZUIJc7XdZfR|Movie [email protected]}The Uruk-hai attack!{@IMG:cmb7izvS8yisKRuai7oeqEOyFj15fA|Movie [email protected]}{@IMG:PXg6lzRUbKR23uIVLHO8VhpCHMRoNa|Movie [email protected]}ArwenThanks to our friends at War Of The for the outstanding images!

Stay tuned...~Brian

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