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Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: The hype doesn't stop with this film!

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First up, we've got TONS of new video to check out thanks to,, and a link from Ain't It Cool!

Check out 16+ minutes of clips, Peter Jackson on the Today Show, Sean Astin on E!, the Warg Attack, Fangoirn Forrest, & Edoras scenes from last night's airing of RETURN TO MIDDLE EARTH which aired on the WB!

CLICK HERE for all the new video to feast your preciousss little eyes upon!

In addition, it seems that press conferences were held for the film over the past few days in New York City and Coming and Dark Horizons were both there to score the scoops!

CLICK HERE for the massive Two Towers gallery of new and old photos from the film!

CLICK HERE for the interview with Peter Jackson!

CLICK HERE for Dark Horizon's interview with Liv Tyler!

Stay tuned... Dont't forget to also check out: The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers