Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers:War Of The Ring.net has posted some spectacular Quicktime movies of the upcoming PS2 game from Electronic Arts! Check out some of the great things you get to do in the game as Aragorn!

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D-Tox: There was a little news about this Sylvester Stallone starring film last year. Many people believed it would be the return of the king to the top of the game. Well, it seems like maybe we'll have to wait a little longer for that. Universal has reportedly cancelled it contract with Stallone and sold off the rights to D-Tox to a direct-to-home company. Apparently the movie bombed at the box office over seas last year and Universal did not want to take the chance on it here. This development probably means Rambo 4 will not happen anytime in the near future.

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Indiana Jones 4: Okay ladies and gentleman it time to debunk a rumor. Since the announcement that the fourth installment was in fact moving ahead one of the most persistent rumors that we've heard is that Indiana Jones will havea son. According to Coming Soon Harrison Ford has been denying this. Ford is quoted as saying, "Hey there's only one son in these movies." He is of course referring to his character being the son of Sean Conner's character. Well thats one rumor down, hundreds more to go.

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Simone: Al Pacino has gone and made a comedy. Simone is the story of a Hollywood director who makes the first completely believable computer generated actress to star in his movie. Due to hit theaters August 23, 2002, the film stars Catherine Keener as the aforementioned CGI actress. Empire Movies has scored nearly twenty picks from the upcoming film.

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