Movie PictureOut of the 50-million or so releases of the {0} movies, one definitive DVD will be hitting shelves in the near future that will hopefully give it all to the fans in one cool, flesh bound DVD case. According to {1}, the limited special edition (when they say limited, they mean it- Limited {2} DVD’s are going for $100 on EBay) will be a THX certified DTS 6.1 track taken from the original negative to help amp up the special supplements and make people with in home IMAX theaters feel proud of their investment. For all those {3}{4} fans out there: Go reserve your copy of the hit flick over at Suncoast/Sam Goody and you’ll get a Pixar certified cell reproduction, limited to just a few thousand (complete with certificate of authenticity! The fun never stops!). Useless fact: As opposed to most movie which come out Tuesdays, {5}{6} gets its own special Friday (November 2nd) release day.

As reported by our friends over at 13th Street, Kenneth Branagh will be Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter 2: The Chamber of Secrets (gotta make the sequels before that Potter kid hits puberty) which should be out by X-mas 2003.

In the same vein as the advertising campaign for last season’s Sexy Beast, IFILM and Fox Searchlight have teamed up to bring you the first 8 minutes of the flash animated indie flick, Waking Life. See what the fuss is- or isn’t -all about here.

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As strong advocators of Halloween festivities, we here at Lights Out have decided to take you into the dark nether regions of IFILM and point out (for all you 14 year old perverts out there) the odd filmmaking that is Lucy Lawless’ Nipple. Happy Halloween, you screwed up voyeur nut jobs.

Takeback: Any day now. ~Steve