Movie PictureThe greatest episode of {2} of all time is up RIGHT NOW! No, it's not a minute, and no, it's not 2 minutes...try 6 minutes on for size! Mushy has absolutely out done himself. With the FULL hype in for {3}, a snippet of Martin Scorsese on the set of {4}, and Mushy himself talking with all time OC great, WALLY GEORGE!!! It doesn't get better than this people...{5} for Mushy's year end bash!{@IMG:7OPV3V1rnmRyMQyu8TaVLiq3rol9Y8
  • The 8th behind the scenes segment from Attack Of The Clones is up now! Take a look at Part 8: A Jigsaw Puzzle.
  • IGN has posted a FULL synopsis of Part 8: A Jigsaw Puzzle! Check it!

See Lord of The Rings and Stay tuned to Lights Out... ~Brian

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