The USA Network has reveled its line-up of new potential series. Read the full press release below.

A Legal Mind: One of Manhattan's top corporate lawyers goes on a recruiting trip and hires the only guy that impresses him, a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout. This early twenty something has barely coasted through life on his natural intelligence and copious amounts of marijuana. Now, as he impersonates a bright young professional, he might even become a real adult. from writer Aaron KorshThe Deep End). David Bartis and Gene Klein exec produce. From Universal Cable Productions.

 After her financier father's fraudulent dealings are exposed, a young woman realizes she's done nothing substantial with her own life. Initially attempting to be a do-gooder, she finds it much more satisfying (and effective) to rip off the decadent upper class. Rather than keep the proceeds for herself, though, she redistributes the wealth by giving it to the exploited underclass. Becky Hartman Edwards is the executive producer/writer. From Universal Cable Productions.

Gay Walch Project: Karyn Burke, a suburban supermom to three kids, wakes up one morning and finds her husband has left town because he was in too deep to mob boss Tommy. Now, Karen's left to clean up his mess by paying off her husband's gambling debt and becoming Tommy's new "fixer." It's just one more priority on her weekly to do list. Executive producer is Burrad Marsh and Gay Walch is writer. From Universal Cable Productions.

Stick: Chris "Stick" Blake is a player in the NHL prominently featured in the majority of the top 10 hockey fights on YouTube. He just got suspended from his team, and now has to attend court ordered anger management classes. He's not a bad guy... he just loses it when people are bullied. After an old friend shows up with a life-threatening problem, Stick focuses his considerable energies on solving it and discovers a new line of work-helping people that the law can't. From writers Mark Altman & Steve Kriozere and Executive Producers Steve Stark and Russ Buchholz. From Universal Cable Productions.

Untitled John Micheal Higgins/Insurance Adjuster Project: Steve Carell, Thom Hinkle and John Michael Higgins (Best In Show) are set to exec produce this project about Bob Welsh, a crusading middle class insurance investigator who proves that sometimes the dullest jobs are the most exciting as he ferrets out high stakes dramas. Higgins writes with Margaret Higgins. Joining Carell (Carousel Television) as executive producer is Thom Hinkle ("Rockford Files"). From Universal Cable Productions. From Universal Cable Productions.

Untitled Cullen Brothers Project: Two estranged brothers end up on the same FBI task force. One brother is a by-the-book profiler who lived in his brother's shadow. The other is a shoot-first-ask-questions later type who must now report to his brother. Executive Producers are Dave Broome and Steven Burnett from 25/7 Productions. Aaron Kaplan, Jim Clemente and Tim Clemente also executive produce. Writers are Mark Cullen and Robb Cullen . From Universal Cable Productions.

The Velvet Hammer: Houston-native Candy Carter returns home but she's not the same Texas debutante who left - she has two kids, she's divorced and she's an FBI agent. Back home, she uses her brains and beauty to help out her fellow proud Texans while getting back in touch with her Southern roots. Gail Gilchriest and Kevin Murphy write while Anthony Edwards and Cheryl Dolins exec produce.