The Haunted Mansion:Production Weekly reports that Jennifer Tilly is up for a role along side Eddie Murphy, in Disney's take on their popular theme-park-ride-turned-movie, The Haunted Mansion. Production starts January 6th in Los Angeles.

Mad Max 4:Moviehole has gotten a scoop from an insider on the latest from beyond the thunderdome...

"Mad Max" fans should be happy with the news Moviehole has received this morning. After months - make that years - of rumors and speculation, the film is a 'go picture'. An insider tells us that Fox Studios in Sydney have just made a deal with George Miller to have the film shot there in March of 2003. Negotiations are still underway between Icon, Fox and George Miller to iron out further aspects of the deal."

The Matrix Reloaded:Dark Horizons has transcribed part of a UK magazine interview with the twins who play "viruses" in The Matrix: Reloaded:

"They are deleted programs from the Matrix, that have been given the choice to be put back into the source or become a roaming element in the program. They say that essentially they are bad and have free reign, and their characters take full use of their special access to the Matrix - shaping the world in the image they want and sporting cool pearl-handled cutthroat razors and cut-glass British accents. Their characters are the guys who live the rock star lifestyle in that they have the best clothes, best car and live in the best places. Also Neil Rayment had a fight with Lawrence Fishburne, Adrian Rayment has a "particularly good scrap" with Carrie-Anne Moss and then they both fight Keanu. There will be a sword fight, with two people against one (which I'm guessing will be Neo). But each person has two swords - "multi-sabres", armed with rotating blades at their hilt, clashing and sparking faster than anything yet seen, with impossible wire assisted moves as the camera moves around them in a bullet time waltz. The car chase will have multiple agents in a highway pursuit of Trinity and Morpheus, leaping out of cars as they're blown apart, driven into other speeding vehicles. The chase will employ a now mobile bullet time technique allowing the camera to circle the chase, swinging low and spiraling through exploding car and window doors."

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Movie Picture{10} Don't forget to experience the magic in the new Two Towers trailer in FULL SCREEN Quicktime! {11}

In addition, our good friends at have caption almost EVERY SINGLE frame of the trailer. To check that out, CLICK HERE

Also, coming out this morning....wanna see a good picture of TREEBEARD? Well, the official LOTR trading card game created by Decipher has a shot of the oldest living thing in Middle Earth...javascript:;|CLICK HERE

The Italian Job:Dark Horizons has posted some set reports from the remake of The Italian Job!

"Worked on "The Italian Job" with Mark Wahlberg this last Saturday and Sunday. Saturday the shot that we did was AWESOME! It involved hours of prep work and could be done only once due to the cost. It had a full sized black Hummer (not the crappy new H2, it was the old hummer) going about 60 mph down the street, hit a ramp, do three flips and land top down on top of a Porsche 911. They got it, and there was much rejoicing. On Sunday we did a chase scene involving three cars and a police car. They used about 40 cars to populate the street, and the cars that were being chased were weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds. This movie will be very car-oriented and full of action. It will wrap shooting in November".

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A bunch of new photos have appeared online today for upcoming fall releases, as well as a picture of the long awaited X-Men 2 baddie, NIGHTCRAWLER! Keep reading...

X-Men 2:Ain't It Cool has posted a promo shot of Alan Cummings as NIGHTCRAWLER in X-Men 2! Check this sucker out right now! CLICK HERE

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Our friends at Latino Review have posted a bunch of photos of the set construction for Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean. Take a look...CLICK HERE

Punch Drunk Love:Empire Movies has scored a batch of new pictures from the upcoming PT Anderson / Adam Sandler flick, Punch Drunk Love. CLICK HERE

Star Trek Nemesis: More Star Trek Nemesis pics have shown up on a German fansite. CLICK HERE

In addition, the official 15th Anniversary convention for Star Trek: The Next Generation was held last weekend in which Patrick Stewart revealed some interesting things about the Nemesis plotline:

"It has some very intense relationships in the film. But the one thing it has, which perhaps we haven’t quite had since GENERATIONS, is emotion. It’s emotionally a very, very intense movie and the last half an hour is quite a roller coaster ride. I warn you... you should probably pick up one of those little pocket tissues to take with you. There is some sad but wonderful stuff at the end of the movie."

"If this is to be the end of THE NEXT GENERATION, then it's a beautiful and appropriate way to end it. I can think of no better climax to our fifteen-plus years than we should go out with NEMESIS."

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Half Past Dead:Movie-Fever has 4 stills of Nia Peeples in the upcoming Steven Seagal / Ja Rule flick, Half Past Dead. CLICK HERE

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