V for Vendetta: According to Variety, years ago, the Wachowskis were hot to adapt Alan Moore's graphic novel "V for Vendetta", but then set it aside as they were consumed by their massive Matrix trilogy.

Now, their first assistant director, James McTeigue, is in final negotiations with Warner Bros. to make his helming debut on the pic. The Wachowskis will also produce the pic with Warners-based producer Joel Silver.

An intensely dark graphic novel, "V for Vendetta" takes place in an alternate future in which Germany wins WWII and Great Britain becomes a fascist state. A terrorist freedom fighter known only as "V" begins a violent guerilla campaign to destroy those who've succumbed to totalitarianism, and recruits a young woman he's rescued from the secret police to join him.

McTeigue, who recently wrapped duties as first a.d. on Star Wars -- Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, has slowly climbed the ladder from third a.d. in 1991 on The Girl Who Came Late to second a.d. on Street Fighter to first a.d. on the first Matrix pic. It's a transition not usually undertaken by second unit directors, but McTeigue will have the full support and counsel of his longtime collaborators, the Wachowskis, insiders say.

The project has been around for years, with Romeo is Bleeding scribe Hilary Henkin taking a stab at the pic at one point, but without success.