Vulture has obtained a copy of the script for Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski's new movie Cobalt Neutral 9, and they have revealed new details about the storyline.

Last we heard, the movie was set to take place during the Iraq War, with its main plot centered on a homosexual romance. Vulture reveals that the movie will actually pick-up 100 years into the future, with archeologists discovering "found footage" from the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Here's an excerpt from the site's article:

"First, if you don't understand the title, don't worry: Our spies who read the screenplay tell us it's gibberish designed to inspire debate as to its meaning; it appears nowhere in the actual script. Secondly, part of the film takes place in the future all right - nearly a hundred from now. But its main story is told in Cloverfield-esque flashbacks by digital archeologists sorting through "found footage" from CNN and chips from old digital cameras from the U.S. occupation of Iraq. The heroes are indeed a gay American soldier named (with little irony) "Butch" and an Iraqi soldier turned militant. Butch is endearing, young, and a ravishingly handsome Marine. Our spies tell us that he "just wants to f*%k and kill everything" in Iraq - until, that is, he falls in love with the Iraqi."

The site goes on to say that Butch and the Iraqi meet while Butch is on a combat patrol, and they quickly engage in sexual acts. It was also repported that after Butch meets the Iraqi's family, and accidentally draws attention to their home, "disaster strikes." The tragedy leads to their attempt to stop the war by assassinating George W. Bush during one of his trips to Iraq.

Apparently, the Wachowski's are developing this movie and an adaptation of Cloud Atlas at the same time, with Tom Tykwer writing that adapted screenplay. The site reports that the Wachowski's will shoot whichever project secures financing first. Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, and Natalie Portman are all reportedly attached to Cloud Atlas.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further details on Cobalt Neutral 9 as soon as we have more information.