The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has announced that the seminal comic book run that has spawned a hugely popular franchise will be returning this Halloween season with brand new reprints in full color. The reprints will be colored by Dave McCaig, whose previous works include Adam Strange, X-Men, Star Wars, and Superman: Birthright, with the re-release branded "The Walking Dead Deluxe." You can read the official press release below which goes into more detail as to what fans can expect from the reprints.

The Walking Dead Full Color Comics Tweet
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"Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment will revisit the historic independent series that took the entertainment world by storm 17 years ago-The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman (Fire Power, Oblivion Song) and Charlie Adlard (Vampire State Building)-with newly, fully colored issues. Featuring the stunning work of the masterful Dave McCaig, these new issues will launch in October with The Walking Dead Deluxe #1. Kirkman first announced the fully colored issues during Skybound Xpo, Skybound's virtual pop-culture convention, earlier today."
"This deluxe revival of the series will also feature a memorable array of variant covers-by such artists as David Finch, Tony Moore, Julian Totino Tedesco, and Arthur Adams-commemorating major character introductions and the series' most memorable twists and turns. Each issue will include a new installment of "The Cutting Room Floor," featuring Kirkman's original handwritten plots along with commentary on abandoned storylines and plot points that may have changed along the way."
"This definitive presentation of the story will NOT be collected into trade paperback any time soon, so fans and new readers should not trade-wait to experience this fully colored edition of the popular survival horror series. Issue #1 will be available on October 7. Each following month two issues will be released."

The Walking Dead ended last year with issue 193, wrapping up the story with a middle-aged Carl Grimes telling stories of his heroic father. When the comic was originally released it was famously in black and white, harking back to the horror movies of old as well as the work of zombie maestro George A. Romero, so it will interesting to see what a splash of color will bring to the story and artwork.

The announcement of the "The Walking Dead Deluxe" edition was made during a recent virtual Skybound Xpo panel, at which executive producer David Alpert also gave an update on the upcoming Rick Grimes movie. "We are desperate to get back into production, and get everything going, but we have something really exciting, really unique, really different, and can't wait to get it going. We just have to wait for it to be safe," said Alpert.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is also heavily involved with the Rick Grimes feature and said that, despite a delay in production, they have been hard at work. "There's tons of stuff going on behind the scenes," Kirkman said, before adding "I don't want anyone to think that we're just kind of waiting around for this pandemic to end," Kirkman said. "I would say that, if anything, the pandemic is going to make a lot of movies better. I think the Rick Grimes movie chief among them, just because we're getting a lot more time to cook this thing and make sure it's perfect."

The first issue of "The Walking Dead Deluxe" will be available on October 7, with the television show returning with the season 10 finale airing sometime in 2020. This comes to us from The Walking Dead official Twitter account.

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