AMC's The Walking Dead season finale Sunday night reached a series high, pulling in six million viewers for the show's sixth episode, including four million adults 18-49. That's up 9% from last week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

If you include the show's 11 p.m. encore, the finale delivered a whopping 8.1 million viewers.

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According to AMC, The Walking Dead has become the most-watched basic cable series of all time in the young adult demo.

MTV also talked to cast members Laurie Holden and Norman Reedus, who play survivors Andrea and Daryl Dixon, respectively, who shared what we can expect from their characters when The Walking Dead returns:

"I think Andrea is in a severe depression," Laurie Holden said about her character's state of mind at the end of the finale. "I think she's very apathetic. Her reason to live has been taken from her. Amy was her heart."

"Her deciding in the season finale that she was going to live wasn't necessarily for her," she continued. "It's because she didn't want another death on her hands. Dale gave her no choice. She's looking at this man and he's saying, 'I'm going to die if you don't get it together. I'm going to die if you don't come with me.' ... She kind of hates him for it, because she wants to check out."

As for what lies ahead for Andrea, Holden alluded to the character's evolution into the group's resident sharpshooter in "The Walking Dead" comics.

"[At first], Andrea doesn't know that she has this skill set," said Holden. "I think that will organically unfold where she'll actually go to the shooting range or something will be written where she's like, 'Oh, I'm a natural!' I am so excited, because I have a little bit of a tomboy in me, but I'm very excited to start going out with the guys and start shooting zombies."

"You can borrow my crossbow," Reedus added, citing his character's affinity for culling the zombie hordes with a well-placed crossbow bolt instead of a bullet.

The Walking Dead is planning to premiere the 13-episode second season next October.

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