Despite being renewed for a second season, The Walking Dead writer/ executive producer/ director Frank Darabont has let go of the writers on the hot new AMC series, reports Deadline.

Writing executive producer Charles H. Eglee is among those given the pink slip. While writer turnover on series between seasons is not uncommon, entire overhauls are unusual. Frank Darabont is reportedly looking assign scripts to freelancers, rather than having a writing staff.

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Frank Darabont wrote two out of six episodes from The Walking Dead's first season - the pilot and the second episode - and co-wrote/rewrote the other four episodes.

The freelance model is employed by the Starz/BBC series Torchwood, which in turn borrowed it from the U.K. where the show originated, but with an U.S.-based network series such as The Walking Dead may face issues with the Writers Guild.

No final decision has been made.